24 August 2012

Christian Bautista Victimized By Credit Card Hacker

Singer Christian Bautista urges credit card users to be careful in checking their billing statements these days after he recently became a casualty of credit card fraud.
Bautista, in a taped interview aired on “Umagang Kay Ganda” on Thursday, related that he was shocked upon learning that someone hacked his credit card account to book in a hotel abroad.
“I got a call from my father na merong booking [sa billing statement ko] sa Agoda na meron daw London na hotel,” said he. Agoda is a worldwide hotel reservation website.

According to the report, the unidentified person’s illegal booking amounted to “P10,000.”
“Nagulat ako. Parang posible nga pala ‘yon na ma-hack ‘yung credit card mo,” said the Asian balladeer.
Apparently, though, Bautista is no stranger to such kind of fraudulence.
“Nangyari na rin ‘yan sakin noon. Sa Barcelona naman. Parang another credit card, tapos andaming nabili,” recalled the 30-year-old actor.
Bautista suspects that there’s a “special technology” which enables these criminals to “scan” someone’s credit card without the owner’s knowledge. Nevertheless, he is satisfied with the speedy response of his bank company regarding the incident.
“Later on tinawagan ako ng bank company na ‘yun nga ang nangyari and they apologized and said that they’re gonna fix it but they’re gonna close my card for now,” said he.
Despite the mishap, Bautista remains unruffled as he gears up for his upcoming 10th anniversary concert.
“I’m training Muay Thai and kickboxing just for half of the sequence and we’re gonna do it on the live stage and then we’re gonna burst into a song,” Bautista shared, laughing.
Touted as one of the most popular singers in the country, Bautista has grown from being a local talent to a true blue Asian superstar.
Aside from being a hit in Indonesia, Bautista has triumphantly spread his influence in other nearby countries thanks to the Pan-Asian TV series “Kitchen Musical” on which he starred opposite Karylle.
But Bautista is not stopping, aiming for other dreams to fulfill.
“I think a song in a America or one song in Europe, I guess that’s my dream in my life.
Bautista’s 10th anniversary concert “X Class” will run on Oct. 6,7,12,13 and 14 at the Meralco Theater.




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