04 April 2012

Finding A Place Under the Sun

“Sa'n tayo sa bakasyon?“
The question may sound simple, but it's rather hard to answer. The underlying considerations such as budget, companions, schedule, time constraints, and most of all, where to go are the major factors that make the question a bit complicated.
Here are some of the more popular choices where you can cool off this season:
If you like partying on the beach: Boracay Bound 
On top of the list are the world famous white sands of Boracay. Over the years, the island has become very accessible and even affordable as numerous airlines began offering summer packages for group outings. No matter how many times you go, the island will never run out of activities to offer.

If you want a world-class experience: Precious Palawan 
If you've saved up for a special trip, Palawan is worth every centavo. Recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, now is the time to go before the international rush begins. See first-hand the breathtaking attractions featured on TV, in magazines, and international web sites--and don't forget the seafood specialties the province is known for.

If you want to go somewhere unspoiled: Basking in Batanes 
One of the newest popular destinations in the country, Batanes' unique view and unscathed natural unscathed natural beauty is indeed a n e xpe rien c e that is always unique. While Batanes isn’t easy to access, this simply guarantees that the trappings of urban life you want to get away from will be nowhere in sight when you get there.

If you need to stay close to Manila: Budget friendly Batangas and Tagaytay 
For those looking for a more affordable and accessible destination, the province of Batangas in the Southern Tagalog region offers many vacation spots within two hours of Manila by bus or car. The whole stretch of Laiya beach in Batangas has numerous hotels that won't dent the family budget and which will suit the budget of a barkada. Tagaytay offers cool air without having to endure nearly a half day of traveling, and the culinary offerings there can be had at a budget.

If you want hot springs and pool play: Laguna's lagoons 
Plenty of affordable resorts with private pools and Jacuzzis, giant slides, and scenic Mt Makiling endear the province of Laguna to local tourists. Its proximity to Metro Manila allows for fun day trips for those on a budget.

If you want a barkada gathering: Party with the gang at Puerto Galera 
A couple of hours and a small budget is all you need to have a memorable summer in the province of Oriental Mindoro. A haven for college students, families on a budget, and groups of friends, the entire white beach of Puerto Galera gets packed in the summer, especially during Holy Week.

If you want to try water sports: Check out Cam Sur's competitive spirit 
The Camarines Watersports Complex is recognized worldwide for its one-of-akind wakeboarding experience; it also offers other water activities like CWC's 6-point cable system. The complex also has restaurants, sand bars, and a spa.

If you want to learn a new sport: Surf's up in La Union 
Surfing has begun catching on among Pinoy teens and young adults. The Philippines is home to numerous levels of surfing challenges, and one of the most popular destinations for surfing in the country is Urbiztondo beach in La Union. Its proximity to the metro as well as the surfing clinics it offers makes it an ideal destination for surfers and those who want to learn the sport.





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