03 July 2012

Kris Aquino Asks For Post Marriage Advice From Sen. Chiz Escudero

Even if they seem to have a smooth sailing relationship these days, Kris Aquino admits there are still moments of “hostility” between her and former husband James Yap.
On “KrisTV” Monday, the loquacious host-actress confessed to her special anniversary co-host, Sen. Chiz Escudero, and their guests, former couple Carla Estrada and Rommel Padilla, that she had a skirmish of sort with Yap recently.
It came about after Yap nonchalantly “commented” about her outfit.

“Sinabihan niya ako na ‘Bakit ka nagsusuot ng duster?’” Aquino related with obvious disdain. The comment, she said, sparked a heated between them.
Owing to that incident, Aquino asked Escudero how he manages to keep the “balance to be good to each other for the sake of the kids” with his ex wife Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores.
Aside from wanting to resolve her own dilemma, Aquino explained in the show that she came upon the question after having read Flores’ recent interview where she broke her silence on the demise of her marriage with Escudero.
Escudero gamely addressed Aquino’s question. He said that the secret to their “good relationship” is the respect they have for each other even after the marriage collapsed.
“Whenever she visits, whenever we see each other usually when we’re having a glass of wine sa bahay, she usually joins me and we get to talk.
“Not about our personal lives, about sa mga anak namin, kung kamusta siya, ‘yung magulang ko, ‘yung magulang niya, pero nothing personal,” Escudero said.
He advised Aquino that she and Yap should make an effort not to delve on the past as doing so only brings back bitter memories which could eventually corrupt amity.
“Talk about the future perhaps and the kids,” he suggested.
“Makinig kayo ng music para pwedeng hindi kayo magusap, manuod kayo ng TV ng sabay habang nanonood ng news gano’n.”
Aquino, who was very attentive the whole time, said she admires Escudero and Flores’  “maturity” as ex-couple.
To this, Escudero replied, “For the kids of course, they need to have a ‘complete family’ sana. An image of a mom and a dad na nandoon, although hindi physically, although not all the time.”
Halfway through the episode, Escudero commented, as if specifically directed at Aquino, that a former couple can only be friends if “wala na kayong nararamdaman sa isa’t-isa. ‘Yung wala ng hang ups, wala ng angst kasi ‘pag meron pa, meron pang mararamdaman.”
The blunt TV host retorted with a hearty laugh, “Ah, so may angst pa pala talaga ako!”




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