02 July 2012

The Race Just Got Tighter

In a brutal competition among smartphones, it’s noteworthy to at least check out the Lenovo A65 packs an amazing punch for an entry-level smartphone. It’s both fast and stylish that it gives a smart feel to its users.
The touch screen is very responsive – not high-end phone responsive – but responsive enough that is it reacts quickly on a swipe. Typing is very accurate, but still feels a bit cramped, especially the tiny spacebar, but all in all, it works fine.
Though, the screen has to be pressed a little bit firmer, almost like pushing an actual button, but unless you’re a touch-sensitive freak, there really is no issue here.

The phone is a little bit heavier than most phones but after carrying it around for a while, the weight begins to wear down and become unnoticeable. Its design is sleek and robust, and the feel is smooth all around.
It runs with an Android operating system, which is great because you can access the Play Store via wi-fi and download a lot of cool apps like Evernote or games like Angry Birds, most of them are free so there’s no need to worry about payments whatsoever.
What this phone doesn’t have is a front facing camera. So, if you’re one of those who like to take pictures of themselves, there’s always the rear camera to use. It has a 3.2 mega-pixels, which should be just fine but somehow images taken are a little bit dark.
A quick adjustment to the exposure should make it brighter, but making all that adjustment settings every time you switch on the camera, instead of immediately snapping the picture can be a bit of a hassle.
Of course, it may look good that you have three different smartphones for each mobile network, makes you look fancy and whatnot. But in terms of practicality, the A65’s dual-sim capabilities nails it. This is where the phone truly shines, because of having two mobile networks; you basically have a wider reach of contacts, and can easily separate your lists from friends, family, and work.
Battery life is good and should keep you relaxed for the rest of the day. It has other interesting features as well, like FM radio, most video formats, and GPS.
Overall, if you were looking to upgrade from a regular mobile phone to a smartphone, then the Lenovo A65 would be a great starting point. Also, the brand is known for building quality products that lasts in some heavy-duty conditions, so, there is a good chance the A65 might survive a couple of drop tests. But that wasn’t seen through.





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