13 June 2012

Internet Boredom!

As there are “couch potatoes” those who spend endless time just sitting and watching their fave soaps, reality and talent shows on TV there are also “cyber couch ones!”   But seriously, there comes a point when one gets bored while on the net.   You’ve shopped till you dropped for the latest fragrance on Sephora.com, you’ve even browsed at your idol rock or pop star’s last performance on You Tube, why you’ve even made a good deal on Sulit.com on that old lappy you wanted to trade in, so what’s there to do on the net still?   Being online for endless hours sometimes get boring for some.
So what to do when you’re bored on the net?  Are you looking for some of the coolest and entertaining sites that are family friendly?  What about wanting to find games and puzzles to keep you playing for hours on end? There are endless possibilities of things you can do on the net!  There should be no reason for boredom, that’s why it’s called the world-wide web!

 Learning and research - the net contains an endless supply of info. Use any popular search engine such as:
• Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) are all fantastic examples of community driven projects (wikis) that have an almost endless amount of information that is all generated by visitors.
• E-books - There are hundreds of thousands of books that have been scanned and are available on the Internet. Visit this page to see sites capable of doing this.
• Academic Earth and KHANACADEMY have thousands of online lectures that can be watched on dozens of different topics.
Multimedia - Music, radio, podcasts, videos, vlog, webcam - With more users using broadband, multimedia rich websites are becoming a popular destination. Although modem users can still do almost all of the below suggestions, these may not be as enjoyable if you're connecting to the Internet this way.
Videos are also now becoming a great source of entertainment on the Internet. Below are a few locations where you can watch videos of all types
• Google video,YouTube, and Vimeo are great starting points for posting and viewing videos online.
• Watch inspiring and educational videos we highly recommend starting at TED.
• Downloading on UTorrent and watch TV shows and movies. Full listing of sites to watch TV shows, movies, and other related videos on net.
Games and Entertainment - Online games are another popular activity enjoyed by all ages. Many online games are played by visiting a website. Below is a listing of some of these sites.
• Yahoo Games, Miniclip, Pogo, iWin, Shockwave, and Newgrounds are all great pages containing thousands of free online games. These games are often Flash, Shockwave, or Java and can be played through your browser without having to download and install the game.
• Second Life - A fascinating online world that you can connect to freely, where hundreds of thousands of other real people have created their own place to live, shops, clothing, worlds, and more.
• FreeSlots - A free and somewhat addicting site that has dozens of different online playable slot machines.
By Jaye C. Bautista




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