30 June 2012

Grace Lee On Life After Pnoy

Grace Lee is trying to keep herself busy, weeks after confirming rumors that she and President Benigno Aquino III are no longer dating.
According to Lee, it's "a good time" to just keep on working" inasmuch as she's "single but not ready to mingle."
In a recent interview with "24 Oras," Lee admitted to still being "friends" with PNoy.
She describes him as a "great guy," one that she "learned a lot" from, only that they're both "too busy" to keep in touch.
She went on to say that getting to know the president, even for a short time, was both a "blessing and a privilege."

Lee recently discussed her relationship with the president on Look magazine via the curiously titled article, “Grace Lee: Before, During and After the President."
The 29-year old Korean admits the title took her by surprise.
"Hindi ko alam na ito pala ang magiging title niya so medyo nagulat din ako. But if you read the article, you will find out na it's not really just about that," said she.
Lee said the article allows a peek into her life, her family, her varied interests.
"There are a lot of people who like to learn how I started out so, maraming kuwento dito when I was a child, growing up in the Philippines, my adjustment period," she shared.
Lee and Aquino met in an event in Cebu last year. They admitted to seeing each other only last February.
Rumors about their supposed breakup surfaced early last month when the President was heard once again cracking jokes about his love life in his speeches.
The 52-year-old bachelor also took to making mention of the presence of beautiful women in the gatherings that he has been attending – something he has stopped doing after being publicly linked with Lee.
The President’s last known girlfriend is Councilor Shalani Soledad, who is now married to Pasig City Representative, Roman Romulo.




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