22 May 2012

Small, Cute, Handy and Touchy

The rise of smartphones blasted an entirely new doorway toward a new era, where technology evolves at a highly rapid rate, adding complexities, which are especially jarring to some people who aren’t very techie.
A quick glance toward the Nokia Asha 300 takes users back to that day and age where everyone loved nothing but Nokia phones. The candy bar figure is reminiscent to the older phones that many older users today once used in their time.
The Nokia Asha 300 makes its entrance for those who enjoy the simple pleasures technology has to offer.  It is a small, very handy and very touchy device that works well with the user in most environments.

It boasts a touch display system with a 240x320 resolution. The touchscreen makes it easier to navigate through the menu, people may complain however, the touch display features may be unreceptive or lacks sensitivity.
With dimensions of 112.8mm x 49.5 mm x 12.7 mm, the Nokia Asha 300 is very slim for an entry-level phone, making it a weightless companion device that fits in every pocket and bag.
They keypad is oddly spaced out, and too small, which make texting a little awkward and slows down typing speed because hitting the buttons are either a miss or mistype.
Though not as high-end to most smartphones today, the Nokia Asha 300 sports a 5MP rear camera that takes stunning images with less blur, and records with vivid and clear videos, if the lighting is good. Under lowlight conditions, images captured would be scattered with noise.
Other notable key features the Nokia Asha 300 has to offer is the internet connection powered by 3G, HSPA, and a 1GHz processor. The lack of wifi connection is limiting, as Internet connection is dependent solely to mobile network.
In terms of performance, the Nokia Asha 300 is just about average. The main menu can be customized with four widgets from messaging, chatting, and social networking, date and time, and so on.
Perhaps one of the most fun app that comes with the phone is the pre-installed Angry Birds Lite.
It’s not the actual version, but the Lite version is just as good as an entertainment while on the go – or while waiting for 5 to 10 minutes to pass while in the train.
The small design and the simple features make this phone ideal for the younger users – just something for them to go to school with, play during in short breaks, and to call their parents in case of an emergency.
Overall the phone could have done better if it had let go of the “touchscreen trend” and added instead wifi connection.
It would have been of a better use for most users instead of a touchscreen display. And the bottom line of this all, the Nokia Asha 300 is best as a substitute phone if there isn’t anything else available for the time being.




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