01 March 2012

Jericho Rosales' 'mystery GF' revealed

Actor Jericho Rosales is done playing the guessing game as he finally names his new squeeze Kim Jones on national TV.
Although there have already been speculations online identifying Jones as his girlfriend, Rosales never really acknowledged such reports despite relentless prodding.
Finally, though, in the Wednesday episode of “KrisTV,” Rosales was somehow “cornered” to admit it when host Kris Aquino asked her pointblank if the name of his new flame is “Kim Jones;”  an on-the-set reporter on lifestyle show, "ETCETERA."

In a  Bulletin Entertainment report last Feb. 12, Jones describes her role as a “roving reporter” as the one responsible for “updating the stylish young on the latest events, trends and fashion & beauty tips direct from the scene.”
Born to a half-Filipino, half-Spanish mom and British dad, Jones spent some of her younger years in Adelaide, Australia.
According to Rosales, his family only has brimming love for Jones.
"My family actually loves her, super, super loves her talaga," related the actor-model on "KrisTV."
Rosales has been known for his passion for surfing, while Jones seems exceedingly enthusiastic about exploring the waters, as proven by the numerous windsurfing photos of herself on her Facebook account. But, among the other things that endeared her to the budding model, aside from her beauty, is her selfless nature.
"She's very open and nilalapit niya 'yung sarili niya sa mga mahal ‘ko,” said Rosales.
He added, “Hindi niya ako nilalayo even doon sa trabaho ‘ko at sa [Twitter] followers ’ko. Actually magka-tweet sila ng fans ‘ko. They tweet each other. It's a really healthy relationship, hindi ba?”
More than that, Rosales pointed out that they "support each other” and that “it's really nice.”
Recall that it was only last December when Rosales finally admitted that he is already committed. Prior to Jones, Rosales dated TV host Cesca Litton.




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