19 March 2012

A Backpack Buddy To Work

Without any doubt, graphics tablets can be described as today’s electronic equivalent of pen and paper.
Through this handy device, hand movements are translated into tangibleexpressions that we can use to communicate. Aside from aiding in communication, tablets also come in handy when it comes to signing electronic documents.
Techlab had been fortunate enough to be handed down aHanvon RL 0604 graphics tablet so that we canhelp you determine what this device has to offer.

User-friendly and battery-free.
The Hanvon RL 0604 has a size comparable to medium-sized book. It is slim in profile and light in weight---making it really handy for mobile work and on-the-field applications.
The tablet has a workspace of 6” x 4” which is small enough to take with you just about anywhere without sacrificing precision applications such as those employed in the graphic design. Notably, there is no physical button is present around the tablet, any input will have to be provided by the pen that goes with the unit, or the desktop or laptop it is mated with.
The RL0604 also comes with a wireless pen that does not require a battery or some other energy source to power it.
Using the pen and the tablet together with the computer, you can be forgiven for suddenly coming out with the bothering thought “what do I use all this free space for on the work desk?  Yes, it is quite disturbing that much of the space occupied by the device is better of given for other uses, such as a paperclip holder perhaps? Or a stick it note stowage space.  Anything goes if you ask me.
Software installation
Installing and using the Hanvon RL 0604 is a joyride of ease. Upon unpacking, just plug it in and install it in your computer, be it a Mac or Windows. Mate it with applications such as paintbrush or Photoshop and you’re good to go. The setup is just that easy, no need for external batteries, and other modifications. Just plug it and play, it’s that simple.
Upon usage, the RL 0604 exhibits extreme sensitivity. So sensitive that it takes time getting used to. Actions register even if the pen is a bit farther away from the tablet. But once you have the pen on contact with the board, the RL 0604 functions like a dream.
The speed of how you write and how you weave is well translated into the screen. The pressure sensors are also sensitive on how you apply pressure on the tablet. A little care may be needed as a simple whisk will register into the tablet, but it can easily be remedied by a simple Undo.
The RL0604 comes with a myriad of programs and software to be able to use the gadget effectively. Programs such as the PenWrite help the computer in translating the user’s handwriting into computer script. It also includes programs that help the user to make signatures for documents and letters and even a program replicating a whiteboard, making it ideal for presentations.
The Hanvon RL0604 is a very easy to use graphics tablet. It’s functional, and easy to setup. Though there could have been some improvements such as the addition of quick buttons, but all in all, the RL0604 handles well in terms of delivering the performance expected of it.
It’s also a good backpack buddy as it snuggly fits inside any bag. So if you have to practice in writing well, in drawing well, or aspiring to become an artist, then Hanvon’s RL0604 may be the right tool for you, a good compact tablet delivering precision performance.
Active Area(LxW): 6”×4”
(152×101 mm)
Pressure Level: 1024 levels
Resolution: 4000 lpi
Tilt Range: ±60°
Tablet Size: (LxWxH) 240×238×7 mm
Max. Reading
Height: 7 mm
Max. Report Rate  200 pps
Accuracy: ±0.1 mm
Interface: USB
N.W.(Tablet&Pen)  0.408 kg
Operating Temperature 10?-40?
Storage Temperature -5?-55?
Storage Humidity 20%-93% (40?)
Power Requirement 5V 60mA
Certification/Qualification  FCC/CE/RoHS




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