01 February 2012

Samsung Innovation In Premium Notebooks With Second-Generation Series 9

Samsung Electronics Co. recently unveiled the second generation of the Samsung Notebook Series 9. The new Series 9 represents Samsung’s advanced innovative craftsmanship in the premium notebook sector.
Customized for consumers striving for top quality items with great design, the new Series 9 boasts the world’s thinnest and most compact chassis. Its unique design and innovative engineering breaks all common perceptions of premium notebook PCs. Super-slim components had to be tailor-made to be able to fit into the innovative single shell body.

“The new Samsung Notebook Series 9 represents the ultimate in Samsung craftsmanship towards precision engineering and premium design. The new Series 9 embodies the originality and heritage of its predecessor while eliminating unnecessary factors. The refined aerodynamic design of the new Series 9 represents the best of Samsung’s design with top performance and functionality,” said Seongwoo Nam, Executive Vice President and Head of IT Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics.
To reach the highest premium design aspects without compromising performance or functionality – 9,000 hours of design sketches and mock-ups, 24,000 hours of R&D – a total of 33,000 hours have been spent by Samsung designers and engineers. Key components such as the LCD panel, keyboard, motherboard, cables, fans and battery have been customized with precision to fit into the Series 9’s extra flat single shell body.
Samsung’s MaxScreen technology has been implemented to minimize the bezel size while maximizing the screen up to an inch more. For the first time, the new Samsung Series 9 offers the world’s thinnest and most compact 15” premium notebook, featuring a vivid 15” display fitted into a stylish 14” chassis. The truly flat 14.9mm (0.58 inch) thin design weighing just 1.59kg (3.5 lbs) makes the 15-inch Series 9 almost 50 percent more compact than any existing 15-inch thin and light notebooks. The 13” Series 9 measures only 12.9mm (0.5 inch) and weighs just 1.16kg (2.5 lbs) – even 28 percent smaller than its previous model. A true revolution in the premium thin and light sector.
Style with an exclusive, incomparable premium look and the refined aerodynamic design of the new Series 9 unifies lines and curves into a solid identity, leaving out any frills. No tricks, only the true design and engineering essentials of the new Series 9 have been emphasized.
The Mineral Ash Black color of the main body, with the sides left in natural matte aluminum creates a surprising contrast. To reach such visual perfection, the new Series 9 has been sand-blasted, which in addition offers fingerprint resistant surface for use.
Power and performance are assured with a 2nd generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, 4GB/8GB memory and 128GB/256GB SSD. With Samsung Fast Solutions, the new Series 9 boots in 9.8 seconds, Fast Start ensures a 1.4-second wake-up while Fast Browsing provides a 2-times faster web browsing. Another surprising innovation, the new 15” Series 9’s battery lasts up to 10 hours.




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