03 February 2012

Grace Lee: PNoy courts 'like any normal guy'

Following President Noynoy Aquino’s admission that they are dating, TV and radio personality Grace Lee has become more open in disclosing some details about their burgeoning bond.
Despite holding the highest post in the country, PNoy’s courtship style remains “normal,” according to the Philippines-based Korean.
“I don’t know about calling everyday, I don’t wanna divulge too much details, pero yes very normal, like any normal guy,” Grace said in an interview on “24 Oras,” Feb. 2.

She has also received “a couple of chocolates and flowers” from the chief executive.
“He’s just very sweet,” Grace added.
Although she’s been part of the entertainment industry for some years now, Grace is still surprised by the outpour of attention she’s receiving. Reporters and photographers of international wire agencies, such as Agence-France Presse, were seen tailing her on Thursday, “24 Oras” stated.
It took a while for the GMA-7 showbiz reporter to speak up about PNoy because she “wanted this to be more private.”
“We’re still at the stage of getting to know each other. And I didn’t want so many people having so much to say about what’s going on between us... I don’t think I’m gonna waste my time, spending hours of my day trying to know a man if I was not interested at all,” she related.
She may have evaded the question about PNoy’s chances on winning her heart, but Grace generously attached positive adjectives to him. At one point, she said, “He is a wonderful person…”
Grace did not reveal when she and PNoy began dating. It can be recalled though that their paths first crossed path July last year at the inauguration of Korea Electric Power Corp. power plant in Cebu. She hosted the said event.
The 29-year-old DJ had a closer, longer encounter with the president before Christmas through an interview they did for her radio program. According to “24 Oras,” their conversation ranged from serious topics like his visions for the country, to lighter ones such as his taste in music.
“He’s brilliant, he is the most intelligent man I’ve met in my life,” Grace enthused.
She appreciates that PNoy admitted that they are “seeing each other.”
"He’s such a gentleman. When he acknowledged it, I think that was out of respect for me because he doesn’t need this… but he did and that tells you a lot about what kind of man he is.
“He’s such an inspiring character,” Grace said in a separate interview with “TV Patrol,” adding, “To be liked by a man who leads a country is very flattering.”
While things are looking up for the two, Grace, as well as her family, are “worried… on the public attention.”
“I just didn’t think it was gonna happen this fast,” she said.
She also got concerned about their racial difference. Nevertheless, “it’s the reason why I fell in love with the Philippines in the first place, so accepting and so understanding.”
Grace merely laughed off speculations that PNoy has already proposed to her.
“We are starting so sana everyone would give us time and space to get to know each other more,” she said.
Reporter Mario Dumaual then told Grace, “love knows no age gap or age differences.”
“At least whatever we have right now will serve as an inspiration to a lot of people out there. But aside from that, I would like to believe so as well,” she said with a smile.
For PNoy’s 52nd birthday on Feb. 8, Grace said, “What can you give the President, right? It’s so difficult. But I’m brewing something up. Surprise na lang.”
“You can give your love,” Mario teased her.
Laughing, she responded, “Oo nga eh, puwede rin.”
Her manager, Arnold Vegafria, deemed that the recent turn of events marks a big change for Grace.
“But the most important dapat, guard your heart,” he pointed out on “24 Oras.”



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I like this gurl, she's not only pretty but she's also smart.


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