22 December 2011

Bulletin Entertainment's online newsmakers of 2011

The Internet continues its rise as a source of the most talked-about stories in local entertainment, at par with—and, in some instances, even surpassing—traditional sources like television, radio and print.
So before we usher in 2012, Bulletin Entertainment lists down some of the more controversial news items that brewed online and exploded through various media sources and straight into our consciousness.
‘Jan-Jan’ on ‘Willing Willie’ incident (March)
It all started when a young boy, identified only as “Jan-Jan,” regaled TV host Willie Revillame and the viewers of his show “Willing Willie” with a “macho dance” while crying on its March 12 episode. It was supposed to have been done just for fun – until a recording of the portion of the show featuring the crying dancing boy circulated before the month ended. Even the international press caught wind of the issue.
Predictably, the video sparked outrage online from netizens, famous and non-famous alike. The incident proved bad business for Willie as advertisers began pulling out of his show. It also led to a yet-to-be-settled legal tussle between Willie and the boy’s parents on one side, and their “attackers,” including a psychologist, two bloggers and several celebrities on the other.
Of course, the beleaguered TV host defended himself and even went as far as threatening to sue his celebrity “attackers” (he didn’t, by the way). For its part, his mother network TV5 suspended the show and imposed “stricter guidelines on the appearances and performance of minors, particularly children” on all of its programs.
Since then, “Willing Willie” has already been revamped and is now known as “Wil Time Bigtime.” As for “Jan-Jan,” he hasn’t been heard of since the issue died down months ago.
Albie Casiño calls ex Andi Eigenmann a ‘cheater’ (May)
Who would’ve thought that young actor Albie Casiño, the Christian to Kathryn Bernardo’s Clara, is capable of being ungentlemanly? In response to a follower’s query on his now-deleted Formspring account, he branded Andi as a “cheater” because she allegedly had 10 other guys as boyfriends aside from him. He did deny hitting Andi, when such allegations surfaced around the same time, but admitted, “I treated her so badly towards the end of our relationship. I just wanted her to leave me.”
Andi answered these accusations on Twitter; however, their story took a more serious turn when her pregnancy came to light… and that Albie was the father of her child—a fact also revealed on Andi’s own blog.
Although Albie and his family belied her claim, Andi nevertheless showed that she didn’t need them anyway because she had the support of her friends and family. She gave birth last Nov. 23 to a bouncing baby girl, who she named Adriana Gabrielli. Meanwhile, Albie remains silent and elusive to the press.
Four Azkals players rumored to have raped a model (July)
In the midst of the Azkals’ preparations for the first FIFA World Cup qualifying match vs. Sri Lanka, a malicious letter from a certain Paul Weiler (who identified himself as a Philippine Football Federation consultant) was posted on thehotdogstand.net. Here, he alleged that Azkals strikers Neil Etheridge and Simon Greatwich “raped” a woman at the house of their team manager Dan Palami, even as Jason Sabio and Anton del Rosario recorded the incident.
The Azkals slammed these allegations, with Jason saying that Paul was only “trying to get back at the team because we had a fall[ing] out while we were in Germany.” For his part, Dan shed light on the Weiler’s identity: apparently, Paul tried applying as consultant for the Azkals but was denied because he wasn’t able to present accreditation from the incumbent PFF administration. It appears then that this was Paul’s way of getting back at them.
Meanwhile, a model named Amanda Coling also became involved in the issue as the “alleged” victim. However, she neither confirmed nor denied this in her TV interviews. Like the “Jan-Jan” issue, this too had faded into obscurity.
Shaina texts Ruffa, ‘leave us alone!’ (October)
Ruffa Gutierrez’ tweets directed to an “insecure” person garnered so much attention that she had to clarify these on national TV. Apparently, Shaina Magdayao, current girlfriend of her ex John Lloyd Cruz, sent her a series of messages laced with profanities at the dead of night to ask her to “stay away” from them. According to reports, Shaina had a jealous fit days prior, after John Lloyd allegedly spoke with Ruffa at Bea Alonzo’s party on Oct. 8.
This put further strain on the relationship between the two females, as in January this year, Ruffa confirmed getting a phone call from Shaina at two in the morning to talk about John Lloyd.
Shaina confirmed sending said messages in an interview with “The Buzz,” also revealing that she and John Lloyd are on “cool-off” mode but that, also according to her, this wasn’t caused by Ruffa.
However, the former beauty queen wasn’t too happy about this as she spoke up once and for all in a tell-all interview on “Paparazzi,” one that is memorable for her revelation that John Lloyd not only cheated on her with Shaina, but was also a womanizer and a drunkard.
John Lloyd and Shaina are said to be trying to patch things up, while Ruffa is currently with “inspired with someone else” who she still refuses to name.
Mo claims that Rhian aborted their baby in 2010 in a video diary that goes viral (December)
The Mo Twister-Rhian Ramos saga is probably one of the most controversial entertainment stories that people would remember for a long time. After all, not many celebrities come out saying that their girlfriend has aborted their kid and goes through a nasty and well-publicized break-up afterward.
Judging from its format, the video uploaded on YouTube seemed as if it was meant to only for Mo’s private perusal “in the future.” However, someone uploaded it just before Mo flew to New York to “cope” with his loss, and at a time when the public was barely recovering from their Twitter break-up in May. Interestingly, weeks before the video made its way online, Mo had been posting vague tweets about abortion.
While Rhian’s camp remains mum about the abortion controversy and goes on the offensive, Mo issues a couple of “final statements” addressing matters such as the lawsuits to be lodged against him by Rhian and her mother network GMA, his relationship with the actress, and his video diary (which he insists he didn’t upload).
But just three weeks after said video was leaked, another video came out on Dec. 20, this time showing the couple during happier times. Both camps have yet to speak about this development, as Mo is still in New York while Rhian is on leave from work.




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