12 June 2011

Making your personal data hack-resistant

Computer hackers recently shut down Sony PlayStation for weeks.

They've also breached other well-known companies, including Google and Yahoo.

Their latest target - Citibank -- where they stole the credit card information of some 200,000 customers in North America.

But on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich shared advice to help you protect your personal information, and explained what to do if you learn hackers have gotten their hands on it.

If you've been hacked, she told co-anchor Betty Nguyen, "The first line of defense is always your passwords, and the information on your computer. Make sure you go right to your computer, change your log-in information and password information on everything from your credit card accounts to where you shop through retailers and your email, as well because, as we saw -- Google and Yahoo - the hackers are coming in from everywhere."

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