07 June 2011

iOS 5 Explained: The New Features and the Implications of Apple's Latest Mobile OS

Today's keynote at WWDC, Apple's developer conference included a number of major announcements, including an update to the Mac OS, its new cloud service and MobileMe replacement iCloud, and - the "one more thing" - its new music matching service for iTunes.
But as Apple opened the keynote touting its strong sales figures - and the checks that it has cut to Apple developers - it's arguably the company's mobile operating system that has quickly become one of Apple's most valuable and important assets. iOS head Scott Forstall took the stage today in San Francisco to tout some impressive figures for the operating system: now installed on over 200 million devices worldwide.

So it was the unveiling today of iOS 5, the newest version of the operating system that's worth examining in closer detail, and we've got the primer for you below with all the important details about today's announcement and its implications for the mobile market and developer ecosystem.

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