30 May 2011

Sarah oblivious to Star Cinema rift; admits taking Glutathione capsules

Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo said she is clueless about rumors that Star Cinema is closing their doors to her, according to an abs-cbnnews.com report on May 28.

"Bakit? Hindi ko po alam. Hindi ko po alam," Geronimo said.

Rumor has it that “Catch Me… I’m In Love” is already her last film for ABS-CBN’s giant film production arm. Reports stated that Star Cinema refused to give her another assignment after allegations of “unprofessionalism” were hurled against the young singer.
 Geronimo’s first successful team-up with hunk Gerald Anderson in “Catch Me… I’m In Love” spurred rumors of her prima donna attitude, apparently causing problems to the production team while filming the movie. The singer-actress supposedly did not show up on some shooting dates, causing the production to pack up or resulting in  major delays in the filming.

At one point, after from arriving late in the shoot, Sarah also reportedly acted up upon seeing co-star Charee Pineda donning the same clothes as hers, and even confronted the latter on the matter.

The pop star denied this allegation and told push.com on their March 26 report, “Hindi ko po alam kung saan galing ‘yun, sino ang gumawa nun. Sana maisip niya ‘yung ginagawa niya. Kung sino man siya. Ewan ko ba kung bakit nila ginagawa ‘yun. Paki tanong na rin po si Charee para mas okay.”

Even away from the set, several rumors have also risen before, alleging diva attitude from the pop star. A tab reported late last year that Geronimo deliberately arrived five hours late in an awards night; and on a different occasion, snubbed fans in the screening of her film “Hating Kapatid.” Rumors also spread that her power tripping extended to her ordering around “ASAP” producers about her production numbers and exposures.

Star Cinema quickly doused this brewing new rumor in a statement and said that they have nothing against the singer.

“The issue pitting Star Cinema against Sarah Geronimo is not true. A new movie project for her this year is in development already and another one set for 2012," the company said.

Prior to the Sarah-Gerald movie, Geronimo was already scheduled to shoot the third installment of her high-grossing film with John Lloyd Cruz. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t push through as Sarah’s camp purportedly declined the offer to do a follow-up to “A Very Special Love” and “You Changed My Life.”
The young singer-actress may be clueless as to the rumored rift with the film outfit and reports of her “diva attitude” but she is certainly sure about one thing---how to keep her beauty at its peak.

In an interview with abs-cbnNEWS.com, also on May 28, she admitted to be taking glutathione orally to achieve a pinky-white complexion. "Opo naman, nagte-take din ako ng capsules," Geronimo said, addressing curious inquiries of fans and media alike on how her skin keeps getting fairer.

While some frown upon glutathione users and accuse them of vanity and discontent, more than lightening the skin, Geronimo stressed that it also serves an anti-oxidant.

"Anti-oxidant naman po 'yun, 'di ba? Ang side effect lang niya ay nakaka-whiten ng balat ng skin," Geronimo told abs-cbnNEWS.com

Geronimo noted that going under the knife is a choice women can make anytime, for her however, it’s not a path she wishes to take.

"Pina-enhance? How I wish. Alam niyo, pwede kong gawin 'yun, alam mo 'yun? May part of me na gusto ko talagang gumanda 'yung ganoon pero sa tingin ko ay tanggap ko na din ang sarili ko, kahit paano," she pointed out in the report.

The advent of Glutathione as a skin-whitening agent began in the latter part of the past decade. Whether in capsules, injectables, creams or soaps, Glutathione has been endorsed by celebrities left and right, creating a massive market willing to embrace its skincare benefits.

Source: Manila Bulletin




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