29 May 2011

Liloan’s Rosquillos festival draws crowd

Despite a tight budget, the 4th Rosquillos Festival of Liloan town drew a sizable crowd with its street dancing participated in by six barangays.

Tribu Yatihanon of barangay Yati emerged overall champion in the contest, winning half a million pesos worth of projects for their barangay. It also won the best costume category.
 Second place went to Banay Jubaynon of barangay Jubay while third place went to Tribu Cot-cot of barangay Cot-cot. Barangays Poblacion and San Vicente also joined the event.

Tribu Cot-cot bagged the best in street dancing award, considered as the highlight event during yesterday’s festival.

Their presentation showcased the town’s patron saint, San Fernando Rey. Liloan town Mayor Duke Frasco told Cebu Daily News that the Rosquillos Festival had evolved into a “trademark” festival of the town.
“We are very proud because it gets better and better every year,” Frasco said.

Frasco said the festival, named after the town’s famous cookies “rosquillos,” helped Liloan become popular among foreign and local visitors.

The round cookie with flower-like edges has a hole in the middle.

The recipe for these ringlet cookies can be traced back to April 3, 1907, to then 21-year-old Margarita “Titay” Frasco.

Frasco first offered the cookies to her neighbors and passersby as giveaways for every purchase of a bottle of soda.

The cookies remained unnamed until the late Cebu governor and Philippine president Sergio Osmeña named it “Rosquillos” in reference to the Spanish word “rosca,” a round, doughnut-shaped cake or cookie.





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