11 June 2011

Filipino fish breeders win awards

A Belgian living in the Philippines and his Filipino wife were major winners in the Singapore Aquarama 2011 held recently.

Michel Capot and wife Marie took home the Grand Champion Discus Trophy and won five more category awards for their other discus varieties of fish.

Another Filipino, Eric Tiu, also shone in the event, which is one of Asia’s biggest international ornamental fish and accessories exhibitions. Tiu won a trophy in one category, four first place awards and two silvers for his Betta entries.

The Capots live in Binangonan, Rizal. For the last seven years they have bred and developed strains of world-class discus.

Michel’s first love is the Japanese Koi. He runs a thriving business in Japan that breeds and exports Japanese Koi mostly to European countries.

Michel settled in the Philippines seven years ago, taking advantage of the lower labor costs.

He decided that the country was the best place to breed and develop exciting varieties of discus fish.

The Capots bought stock from all over the Southeast Asian countries in their quest to develop new and colorful strains of discus.

 They built a world-class facility in the heart of Metro Manila, investing in such technology as Reverse Osmosis equipment.

 Tiu is another avid discus breeder turned betta fancier and serious hobbyist.

He specializes in Betta Splendens, commonly known in the Philippines as “fighting fish.”

Filipinos had flocked to Aquarama primarily as principal buyers or distributors of both aquarium accessories and equipment or live fish of different species

Source: Manila Bulletin




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