18 March 2011

Man Has Unsafe Sex Just Before Donating Kidney, Gives HIV to the Recipient

Organ donors should be screened for HIV within a week of the operation, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Thursday. The call came after the first documented U.S. case of HIV spread by a living donor -- a man who tested negative 10 weeks before a sick patient got his kidney.

The recipient, a man receiving hemodialysis for kidney failure, contracted HIV months after a 2009 operation in which he got a kidney from a donor who tested negative at his initial screening, but subsequently engaged in unprotected sex, said Claudia Hutton, director of public affairs for the New York State Department of Health. Her department, along with New York City's Department of Health, conducted a public health investigation because the transplant surgery took place at a New York City hospital. She said the hospital, which she declined to identify, had followed all necessary protocols.

Read more about the story at this link: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/organ-donor-hiv-recipient-unsafe-sex-transplant-cdc/story?id=13159889




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