30 March 2011

iPhone 5 New Features: An Aluminum Hull and a New Antenna

Difficult to talk about the iPhone 4 without addressing the problems of antenna that have been large enough to create a name dedicated to the phenomenon: the antennagate, referring of course to the Watergate scandal. That is why the recent rumors concerning the iPhone will find a favorable 5 in the media and the public.

Noise corridor conveys a simple idea: the same way that Apple uses aluminum for the back of the iPad, iPhone 5 design would evolve towards a similar solution. It looks so good-bye to the rear window area, to return to a more conventional hull, but in full metal.

The rumor also states that the antennas would completely change the design. Farewell also to the portion of contact used, and hello to an antenna located under the apple logo on the back. Last point: the iPhone will carry the five dual-core chip A5 currently present in the iPad 2.

Source: http://hightechonline.blogspot.com/




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