31 January 2011

Most Searched Topics on Google

These are some Blog Topics which are Highly searched on Google. As Google is ruling the Search market, there is no doubt in the accuracy of this find.

1. Top Searched Topics on Google
2. Hollywood/Bollywood Celebrities, Wallpapers and News
3. Sex Tips and Caring Methods etc.
4. Technology- Gaming, Gadgets, PDA
5. Automobile – Car, Bikes etc.
6. Blogging , Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing
7. Animation , Art or Film Making
8. Web Designing Tips, Works and Methods
9. Personal – Love , Friends , Relations
10. Make Money Online and Job Searches
11. Babies, parenting, beauty tips, Girls essentials
12. Health guide
13. Shares Market, Stock Exchange, Forex Trade & Business deals
14. Mobile Tips, Hacks, Methods
15. Game, Software & Crack Downloads
16. Schools, Scholarships, Exams, Online tuition
17. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and other Social Networking websites Tips & Updates.




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