25 August 2009

Google Directory for Teachers

Teachers love Google because of its several online services that help them out when it comes to effective communication, file management and information dissemination.

Check out several tools and services that a Google Account can grant you access to:

1. Google Groups - allows group members to share files, post notes or comments, and discuss topics all via email. Students can store documents and organize web resources when working in teams. The group page can also help student organizations share news and announcements. On the other hand, teachers can post class handouts, reading materials, web links, and even email announcements to parents.

2. Google Earth – students can take virtual field and literary trips without leaving the four walls of the classroom.

3. Sketch Up – for quickly building and creating 3D drawings and models (like buildings and landmarks) which can also be placed on Google Earth

4. Picasa – makes embedding photos and slideshows into a webpage or blog easier. Students and parents can also share photos.

5. Google Desktop – an advanced search program that searches a topic not only on the web but also on the documents in your computer.

6. Google Docs – for project collaboration by sharing documents and other kinds of files.

7. Google Sites – for creating own web pages

8. Google Calendar - online calendars that can be shared and subscribed to.

9. Blogger – for creating blogs for the classroom (announcements, linkages, etc)

10. Knol – while this is still in beta phase, it is very promising. Experts can go into Knol and write an article on their topic of expertise. These articles can be available for other people to read and collaborate among each other.

11. Google Custom Search – another advanced search engine that only searches the websites you want.

12. Google Books – online books can now be viewed in full or preview mode in the classroom.

13. iGoogle – lets you customize your web page for easy access to all the websites you often use and check.

14. Google Reader – keeps you updated on RSS feeds

15. Google Educator – a site for educators and how to use Google applications in the classroom.

16. Even More Google – for more Google updates on new applications

Sample activities that can be done with Google Apps are:

1. A Place in Time with Google Tools [PDF, Podcast, Video] – a project plan for studying history and landmark historical photos

2. A Candidate Watch with Google Tools [PDF, Podcast, Video] - can be used for tracking presidential candidates with Google Earth, Docs, News Archives and Blogger

3. Spring Sojourn: A lesson in Civil Rights History and Geography [Website] – a multimedia project to document a class trip on civil rights

4. Postcards from the Past with Google Tools [PDF, Podcast, Video] – can use Google Earth and Google Pages to compare sites and how they look now and before.

5. Google Lit Trips [Website] – using Google Earth so students can see the places mentioned in books and other literary works

Source: Smart Tools



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