05 July 2009

How to detect viruses in a computer using multiple antivirus engines?

Virus detection and its removal are made through an antivirus program which finds out viruses in a computer and then possibly removes or repairs the virus problem. But today an interesting tip, how to scan your system without any installed antivirus program. You can scan any specific file for viruses, malware, worms and trojans on your system without any preloaded antivirus protection.

VirusTotal is a free service that facilitates you for quick scan to detect viruses, malware, worms and trojans. VirusTotal will analyze your system files using multiple antivirus engines. VirusTotal is not a proper substitute of installed antivirus program, because this service works only when you will be connected to internet.

Now open the VirusTotal site to start scan process.

Now under the "Upload the file" section, click on browse button to select the virus affected file and press "Send File" button.

Here VirusTotal will takes some time to upload file (depends upon the file size and internet speed).

Now scanning process will be started to scan affected file.

It will again takes some time to scan affected file using latest antivirus version and gives you detailed results from each antivirus engine with statistics.



Shalini Samuel July 5, 2009 at 10:32 AM  

Thankyou for the information friend


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