16 January 2009

Love Can Change the World

"Love is the greatest miracle-worker of all time."

One day a man met a small boy trudging along, carrying his brother on his back. The man, seeing the boy's burden almost as big as himself, asked if it was not too much for him. The boy replied in all childish sincerity: "Aw, he's not heavy; he's my brother."

Most of us are quite a few years older than this boy, but we can learn a wonderful lesson from hi, just the same. His small sacrifice has a most important message. It shows the one thing that this world badly needs; the one thing that can solve all its problems; the one thing everyone talks about but almost no one really gives - and that is love!

Love gives life purpose, makes all things possible, and sweetens every sacrifice. It is the greatest miracle - worker of all time.

We can put such thoughts into practice in our daily lives. We must think love, give love, even put love where there is no love!

Is it very hard to obey our parents? It needn't be. It isn't of we do it with love. Love can do the impossible. It has been said that the hardest thing for us to give is to "give in." But love can do it. When harsh or unkind words have caused an icy silence between us and our love ones, be the first one to say "I'm sorry." Love melts pride.

Love can make us overcome our dislikes, too. Often, we find it hard to like some people. We can bend over backwards to get to know them better. Let us forget our whims for a while and take all.

Love make sacrifices sweet! When someone is sick at home, he needs us more than ever. Let us put aside every other thing to give him the care and attention he needs and deserves. We wait on him, sit up at night, give up our sleep if necessary. Why? Love is the answer. It is no trouble when we do it with love.

Yes, love is the only thing that can change the world. And only when men realize this will we have a real and a just peace.




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