14 January 2009

How to Stop Checking Yourself Out All the Time?

How you face yourself can change how you feel about your looks. To find out how often you use mirrors, start by guessing the answers to these questions.

1. How many mirrors are you involved with - at home, at work, in your purse, your car, for brief encouters?

2. How many mirrors do you use for special purposes - magnifying mirrors, makeup mirrors, rearview mirrors?

3. How often do you check a mirror of any kind each day?

4. About how much time do you spend each time you look in a mirror?

Now find out how accurate your guesses were: For a few days, count each time you check yourself out in a mirror. Then figure your "average daily mirror time." Was it higher or lower than you expected?

Now answer these questions honestly:

1. When you face the mirror, are you looking at hair,skin, clothing, size, etc.?

2. Are you looking for a problem, information, evidence that you're lovely, proof that you're not, etc.?

3. Do you expect (hope) the mirror will tell you "Yes, I'm as pretty as I thoug," "No, I'm not any different than yesterday," "How did a nice person like you get stuck in a body like this," "You look great, stop worrying," etc.?

If your mirror habits seem excessive, cut back: Remove or cover a mirror you can live without. Make each mirror "encounter" a bit shorter than your norm. Cutting down toward becoming less preoccupied with your appearance.



Ria January 14, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

This is a very good "self-realization" post. I am guilty - sometimes ;) I have yet to ditch the mirrors and see how it will be...


Have a great day!



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