20 December 2008

Left-Brain and Right-Brain People

Are you very organized? Do you plan things? Do you like to control things? Or, are you very artistic? Emotional? Do you like to talk a lot? If you fit either of these descriptions, there may be biological reasons for it.

Educational researchers say one side of a person’s brain may be more powerful than the other. They say that using one side more than another effects the way a person learns.
The different sides of the human brain control different kinds of intelligence. For example, very organized people generally use the left side of their brain more than the right. Left-brain people are good at mathematics and at solving technical problems.
More creative people generally use the right side of their brain more than the left. Right-brain people are very emotional. They are good at art and music.

Everyone uses both sides of the brain. But people do seem to process information more in one side of their brain than the other. It is difficult for students who use the right part of their brain, leave before finishing school more than do students who use the left part of their brain. This is because schools almost always present information in a way that left-brain people understand better.

Right brain people do not like to read or listen. They like to learn by doing things. They like to use their hands and touch.




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