28 October 2008

Where did your downloaded file go?

Good question. A lot of my students would always complain that they can’t find the file they have downloaded from the Internet or the images they have saved from the internet. I came across the answer from PC Today Magazine written by Jeff Dodd. Here is the answer. I hope this could be of great help to you.
The latest version of Internet Explorer present a Save As dialog box each time you initiate a download so that you can specify where you want to save the selected files. If you forget to specify a destination in the corresponding Save In field, the browser will save the files in the same place you saved your most recent download.
You can avoid such confusion by establishing one destination for all downloads. Open the Registry Editor and highlight the HKEY_CURRENT_USER_\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\INTERNET EXPLORER key. Right-click the corresponding Download Directory value in the right pane and select Modify from the pop-up menu. Type the location of your preferred download folder in the Value Data field of the resulting Edit String dialog box. If you want to save your downloads to the My Documents folder on the Windows drive (the drive on which Windows is installed), for instance, then you would type C:\My Documents in the Value Data field. Click OK and close the Registry.
Internet Explorer will now save your downloaded files to the specified destination by default. Note that the default destination will change if you modify the contents of the Save In field of the Save As dialog box during a future download.




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