31 October 2008

Halloween in the Philippines

Halloween celebration is a great deal to Filipinos. They normally called it All Saints/Souls day. Nov.1 they call it All saints day and Nov. 2 is the all souls day. There are great preparations they will do for that occasion. A great holiday for all to visit friends and relatives in their graves. A time to remember their dead loved ones.

Step1 In preparation for two days Halloween celebration, people will usually start to travel to visit their loved ones on October 31st. Most schools will declare no class and no office for other establishments.
Step2 People will visit the cemetery on the 31st of October to clean the grave of their loved ones, clearing the area for they will stay there in the next couple days.
Step3 On the same day, Oct. 31st, they would be busy buying food, grocery items, candles,flowers,etc. for the celebration.
Step4 On the 1st day of November, they would be busy cooking food, preparing flowers and candles to be brought to be cemetery on the night of Nov,1.
Step5 While others are preparing food, some members of the family would start to pitch their tents in the cemetery near the grave of their loved ones. Most of them spend the night in there to show that they really cared for them believing that the souls of their dead are with them. (that's what they believe)
Step6 In the afternoon of Nov.1, the cemetery will be full of people bringing their food, candles and flowers to be offered to the grave. Police and other authorities are there to maintain peace and order. Most of them would stay there 24 hours.
Step7 There is a great feast in the cemetery. People bringing food, drinks, music, others have their board games, etc. to enjoy themselves while staying there that long.
Step8 Vendors also are all around the place selling candles, flowers and food etc. Halloween is a great celebration to most Filipinos and a day to make money also for the vendors.
Step9 Finally they will go home and relax the next day and some of them would not report to work and some kids would not go to school because they are tired, exhausted of the activity.
(written by Viol from eHow.com)




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