15 October 2012

ICS-Armed, Affordable, Big Screen

The competition of top quality tablets continues to rise with more and more manufacturers jumping into the bandwagon, even from a manufacturer of portable DVDs, Coby, has delivered a set of quality tablets for disposal to add into the vast selection. For this particular review, we’ll check out the Kyros MID1045-8.
The 1045-8 is Coby’s latest Android based tablet that runs in Ice Cream Sandwich and boasts a 10-inch wide screen display, 1GHz processor, and 1GB RAM. The simple means of providing on-the-go entertainment. Its design is sexy, being lightweight and ultra slim, and the metallic chassis is a great touch.

A tablet this size is best for video viewing, whether in the house or being bored, somewhere out there, maybe waiting in an extremely long line of securing an NBI clearance.
An issue here when playing videos is the low sound volume. It was tested with several movies and all audio were just a wee bit louder than a whisper. The simple solution to this is the use of earphones or a headset, since tablets most of the time act as single user entertainment. Or connect it via USB to a speaker.
Or if you want to share the experience, it has a mini-HDMI output, which can be connected to an HDTV, providing over-the-top quality image and sound from your tablet. Just to recap what HDMI is, basically it brings out better video and audio quality – so much better, you will see Al Pacino’s wrinkles in The Godfather, and yes he’s very young at that time, so just imagine the clarity of the video with HDMI.
Whether HDMI or not, for some reason, when playing music in the 1045-8’s music player, audio volume is so much higher than audio coming from a movie. Average users should find this acceptable and better than expected, but music fanatics will probably demand more. The overall sound quality is mediocre and distorted, blunting the sharp edges.
Unlike many previous touch screen displays, the 1045-8’s screen is quite impressive. It’s not as seamless and smooth as, say, the new iPad, but it is elegant and responsive enough to fool around with. A slight problem here is when your fingers begin to sweat, it lower responsiveness, sometimes killing it until you wipe the screen and dry your fingers. But otherwise, it is very satisfying.
The GetJar app store has a decent selection of apps to choose from. It isn’t as vast as other apps stores but this one provides the basic essentials, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Angry Birds apps.
With the pre-installed Aldiko eReader, you can read all your eBooks in ePUB formats. It can read PDF files as well, thanks to the Adobe reader, however it wouldn’t run as smooth as ePUBs and displays the texts in an awkward way that makes it quite hard to read it. The tablet being lightweight, won’t strain your hands as you hold it up to read, well it will eventually, but before that happens, the tablet is comfortable in your hands.
Battery life is less than nine hours on a hard grind of movies, music and Internet surfing. But it does well on full charge and will last a few days on standby mode. By the time it’s your turn when securing an NBI clearance, you still have enough juice to enjoy on the way home.
In conclusion, Coby is doing an excellent job in bringing out entertainment and luxury feel to many people. The 10.1 inch screen 1045-8 has to offer makes it a very good video viewing device, it could’ve been better with louder audio, but if you’re on the road anyway, the earphone/headset is given. This is recommended for anyone who wants to own a not-too-expensive tablet.




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