04 September 2012

Sony Xperia Go, Xperia Acro S: Dare To Get Wet

In a world where busy-ness has become the eventual norm and the pace of life is dictated by constant mobility and packed schedules, Sony’s Xperia smartphone introduces two new handset models that enable Filipinos to pursue their active lifestyles, rain or shine.
The newest exciting additions to Xperia’s smartphone range, the Xperia acro S and Xperia go represent the brand’s latest water, dust and scratch-resistant models, inviting Filipinos to experience the beauty of a stylish yet highly-reliable smartphone that conveniently complements their lifestyles.
Perfect for multimedia buffs and on-the-go individuals, the Xperia go (available in Black, White, and Yellow) offers a blend of features that including a 3.5” Reality Display with Sony Mobile BRAVIA for superb viewing, a 5MP fast capture camera, and pre-loaded Fitness and Sports applications, all encased in a sleek and stylish package. At only 110 grams, the Xperia go is a pleasantly lightweight lifestyle accessory, making it an easy and convenient choice for users, regardless of weather conditions.

TV personality, dancer, choreographer and percussionist Gab Valenciano shares, “Sony’s Xperia go is ideal for someone like me. I tend to carry my phone even while dancing, so I’ve had many previous experiences where I’ve dropped my phone during rehearsals. I love that the go is so light and sturdy— it’s sleek, smart and durable.”
Style blogger and avid traveller Laureen Uy adds, “Travelling isn’t the same without a handy, durable smartphone to capture spontaneous moments, and the Xperia go has exactly what I need. I love documenting great sights—even looks I love—while roaming in the streets, and the phone’s fast capture camera does the job well for me. The camera goes from sleep to snap in less than two seconds so I never miss a great photo op. Plus, it helps that I can still bring it out in the rain and keep in touch my family and friends, all without worrying about damaging my phone.”
Meanwhile, the Xperia acro S (available in Black and White) is a fitting option for discerning photography and video enthusiasts. The HD smartphone boasts of a 4.3” 720p scratch-resistant HD display powered by Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine, 12MP fast capture camera, and full 1080p HD video recording capabilities, allowing its user to take and view photos and videos in stunning, razor-sharp clarity. It likewise features quick and seamless connectivity via an HDMI port for easy multimedia viewing on the big screen, as well as built-in Sony media apps (Album, Walkman, and Movies) for the user’s enjoyment.
Director Paul Soriano notes, “The camera and video quality of the Xperia acro S is really impressive. Off-duty, I still enjoy recording moments with family and friends, and this phone has all that I need to be able to take amazing HD footage wherever I am. I can also easily enjoy viewing them on TV since the phone can be connected to it directly through an HDMI port.”
The Xperia go possesses the highest level of water and dust resistance in a smartphone, and the Xperia acro S the highest level of water resistance in an HD smartphone, making both extremely durable options for today’s individuals. Both likewise feature Wet Finger Tracking, allowing one to use each phone even with wet fingers; as well as enable the user to enjoy taking underwater photos and videos with ease.
By introducing such innovations in mobile phone technology to Filipinos, Xperia does more than offer them physically reliable phones that they can always count on—instead, the brand aptly promotes a way of life that today’s busy individuals need to embrace.
“The Xperia acro S and Xperia go are smartphones that you can trust will work even after getting wet or being dropped,” says Patrick Larraga, head of Mobile Business for Sony Philippines. “They also connote the kind of lifestyle that Xperia challenges Filipinos to enjoy—one that is meaningful, freeing and rewarding.”
He cites the catchphrase ‘dare to get wet’ as one of phones’ underlying key messages. “’It can mean literally being able get the phones wet, yes; but figuratively speaking, ‘daring to get wet’ is all about living in the moment and enjoying the things that are meaningful to you—experiences that are refreshing and liberating. This is something that we hope to communicate to Filipinos via the Xperia go and acro S. We want them to really live life and savor every moment; to do things that they love and not get stuck in a routine; to find a balance between work and play, and make substance a priority.”
Indeed, with the Xperia go and Xperia acro S, Filipinos have all the more reason to bask in every moment and boldly dare themselves to take on life and everything it has to offer—rain or shine.




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