26 September 2012

Jessica Sanchez’s Mom Answers Charice’s Manager’s Comments

Editha Bugay has defended her daughter Jessica Sanchez against the deemed swipe that Charice’s manager, Courtney Blooding, made against the "American Idol" finalist.
In a recent tweet, Blooding questioned Filipino’s adulation of  Jessica as part of Pinoy pride, pointing out that the latter does not even have Filipino citizenship.
“She’s half Filipino, half Mexican. But you know she’s closer to my family than she is with dad’s family. She’s grown up in more Filipino culture,” Mrs. Bugay pointed out on “TV Patrol,” Sept. 25.

 “It’s unfortunate,” she said of Blooding’s comments. “That’s negative, you know.”
However, to her, Charice is “awesome.”
She remarked, “You now, she’s amazing and Jessica thinks she’s amazing. I mean, that girl’s voice is phenomenal.”
Jessica is in the country for the concert of “American Idol” Top 10 and for a few endorsements.
The report said that the “AI” runner-up hopes to become an even better singer so that she can make the country proud. She said that her visit in the country would not be her last, noting that she wants to discover more about the Philippines.
“And that’s what I wanna do, break in as Filipino-Mexican and put us on the map,” she said in the episode.
Jessica was born in 1995 in San Diego, California to a Mexican- American father and Filipina mother who grew up in Bataan. Although she did not grow up in the Philippines, Jessica considers herself a Filipina.
Jessica is also open to working with Charice, the report noted.
In a interview aired on “24 Oras” that same evening, Jessica said she enjoyed her stay in the country immensely.
“Everything has been great – meeting the people, eating the food, even walking outside even for a good ten seconds that I get to. I ain’t really been able to explore much because I’ve been so busy. Usually when I do try to go out it’s like chaos,” she said.
“Mahal ko kayo,” “mabuhay” and “salamat” are just a few Pinoy words Jessia learned while in the Philippines.
Although she is aware that she has a lot of fans in the country, arriving here has felt a little strange to her. She was surprised to learn that she’s got a big name in the Philippines. She said it is her first time to have endorsement deals.
She was extremely happy to see her first billboard along EDSA. “I mean the billboards here are massive. The size of my shoe on the billboard is the size of a jeepney,” she exclaimed. “It’s insane and it’s so cool. And my mom, she took a picture of it. The first time I saw it, she took a picture of it,” she added gleefully.
Jessica had done some shopping in the country and she marvels at how the clothes fit petite frames. She will bring along a few of them when she returns to Los Angeles, California to continue the recording of her new album.
And if there’s one song that she will dedicate to her Pinoy fans, it would be “The Prayer” by Celine Dion.
“I love that song.  I always love that song. It means a lot to me and I think the message goes completely with how I feel about the Philippines,” she said. 




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