26 September 2012

Fuji Xerox M205fw Mono: Multifunctional Device

Laser printers are fantastic devices that work very well for small businesses. They print fast and very easy to use, and as technology advances, the features of these printers evolve – such as having WiFi and Ethernet connection – the mystery of the next ten years what printers could do is almost frightening.
Perhaps it is because of the assumption of laser printers geared toward businesses; aesthetics seem a little, off, straightforward, business-like fashion. The M205fw is no different. It still looks good in a way, and of course, can be used in home for non-business. Plus, the size is quite considerable compared to some printers, it is compact enough to be put on your desk.
For small businesses, like computer cafes may find printers this size suitable for their establishments. Smaller size equals more space to add printers. The downside of having laser printers, is it only prints black, and not colored.

The S-LED chip is a very interesting technology. It optimizes the resolution, and making the printer run smoothly without noise. Though, don’t expect it to be very quiet, there will still be some noise coming from it, but less compared to other printers.
Many laser printers are monsters that can print at speed-of-light capacities. The M205fw however, isn’t one of those, it is might be considered a timid, fast working creature that print 20 pages per minute. Though the first, warm-up page, may take a couple of seconds to finish. But once it’s all heated up, expect some rapid printing. This is still good for both businesses and home use. Scanning resolution is 1200x1200, and that is very good quality and size. Anything scanned can be sent directly to a flashdrive or a PC/Mac host.
Speaking of flashdrive, the M205fw doesn’t have anything to connect it to, but a single USB 2.0 port, and nothing else. Not even WiFi. This may or may not be much of a hassle, but if you’ve spent some time with other printers with such features, then obviously, you will be hassled and probably spiral down to inconceivable frustration of such downgrade. It can still be connected to a network, you just need to a host.
The print quality is excellent, and toners can be selected either a standard or high-yield that can print 1000 to 2200 pages respectively. Something that might be of an annoyance, is when putting a toner cartridge, it has a certain lock that must be triggered for it to be activated, without doing so, will yield the “No Paper” label.
By all means, the M205fw isn’t something that spectacular, it is a low-cost device that gives good quality printing. Best of it all, it comes with an affordable rate, and purchase of its toners could save you a lot of money.




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