13 August 2012

HD Made Easy With FS400

With the world’s entertainment of HD spreading from the silver screens to home TVs, people, especially the film enthusiasts, or simply families who rejoice in preserving precious memories in the best definition possible, the accessibility of HD camcorders blurs between qualities.
So, of the different camcorders available, we have randomly selected and tested one for this feature. Canon’s FS400.
First things first, camcorders don’t come in cheap and when people start preferring solely to camcorders than digital cameras or DSLRs, decisions which to get becomes critical.

One of the things that must be considered is not to purchase anything with a digital zoom alone. The FS400 offers a 37x optical zoom. If you ask what’s the different between an optical and a digital zoom, for starters, digital zoom is like zooming into a photo saved in your computer, it becomes pixilated as it draws closer, while an optical zoom is much like peering through the binoculars with no resolution degradation.
With a weight around 7.8 oz, handling the camera is easy and shouldn’t tire your hands while holding it up. If you’re the type of explore urban landscapes or into the wild life and cannot resist not to film the wonders and events you see, then this becomes a reliable buddy for you to tag along.
One of the many interesting features the FS400 boasts is the “Pre-Record”, giving you a quick head start on recording. With this feature on, the camera goes into a standby mode, which records three seconds of video to memory before you press the button. So basically, it automatically records the first three seconds of video before you begin actual recording. Those extra three seconds are recoded as well, and the excess are deleted.
As battery life becomes an ever increasing importance, Canon continues to impress with the FS400’s Quick Charge. In only ten minutes of charging, you gain about thirty minutes of battery life. This is very important on occasions when the camcorder is needed at most or in even in school projects where you need to make a video as soon as possible. This feature solves that problem for many people.
Let’s discuss a couple more things about what this camera can do. The Dynamic Image Stabilizer works like the image stabilizers in DLSRs, this one prevents shakings or sudden movements done by the cameraman, by making blazing fast auto adjustments that smoothens video transitions.
The FS400 comes along with other great features, but the ones mentioned above are the most noteworthy that makes the camera distinguishable from the rest. It also comes in at a more affordable price compared to other Canon camcorders. If you’re fully apt, the software it includes allows instant wireless transfer to your computer at home or direct upload in the likes of Youtube.
It should be noted that if you’re aiming for more professional equipment, then this isn’t to be used. The FS400 is focused more on the casual and the everyday, when you might spot something interesting as you walking along the streets of Manila, and decide to video it and broadcast to the world via Internet.
By Jonathan Kevin Castillo




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