27 July 2012

Psychic: Kris Aquino Will Tie The Knot In 2013

Hope springs eternal for host-actress Kris Aquino especially now that a Thai fortune-teller predicted that she will find new love and get married soon.
Upon paying a visit to fortune-teller Sawong Kontong during her recent trip to Thailand, Aquino shared on the Thursday episode of “KrisTV,” that he sees her having a “foreigner boyfriend” by “December 10, 2012.”
To make this prediction a reality, though, Kontong urged Aquino to take more trips abroad since she will meet the next man in her life in one of her travels.

But the more scintillating forecast by Kontong was that Aquino will likely tie the knot anew, with the same “foreigner lover,” on “April 25, 2013.”
”If it comes true, we’ll come back here for [our] honeymoon,” said Aquino, who had her marriage with cager James Yap annulled early this year.
Compared to local psychics, Aquino believes Kontong’s predictions are possibly “more accurate” given that he doesn’t know her personally which means “hindi niya ako pwedeng bolahin.”
Having gotten into the subject of family-making, Kontong added that Aquino will likely have another child through adoption. She currently has two sons – Bimby with Yap, and Josh with her former partner, actor Philip Salvador.
Aside from her love life, Kontong also touched on Aquino’s life in general. According to him, Aquino is likely to die a “natural death” at age 85 -- or 92, that is, if she maintains a healthy lifestyle.
”If no smoke, no drink, until 92,” she said, echoing Kontong, who said that Aquino’s lucky numbers are 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9.
About her career, Kontong actively advised that she avoid working on Fridays because it is her “unlucky” day.  Yet despite that, the psychic predicted that Aquino will have a “good” 2012 and an “even better” 2013.




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