20 July 2012

Liezl Martinez Gives Update On Health Condition

Liezl Martinez keeps her optimism high amid her battle with breast cancer.
The better half of actor Albert Martinez related via Facebook on July 19, which was quoted by PEP Alerts, that as per her doctors, “negative still on some tests. Other results coming out later.”
She thanked those who continuously support and pray for her, helping her “get by and be less stressed!”
“As a mom it‘s so hard to see your baby sick and you can‘t do anything to remove the pain...now i understand how my mom felt when i got sick....circle of life...” Liezl added, referring to her mother Amalia Fuentes.

Liezl was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2007. She underwent remission in 2010; the Big C, however, recurred, as Albert revealed in his interview with “The Buzz” last year. She maintains quarterly checkups which, for her, could feel as if a “sentence” hangs over her life.
Nevertheless, Liezl has learned to cope with the anxieties and to live in the now.
“I just have to take it one day at a time, because really, what can I do if I worry about it? I just have to live my life and continue,” she told ABS-CBN News in an interview in May.
In June, Albert happily revealed that Liezl is doing better.
"So far all of us are very happy. There's nothing alarming. All the results are okay. Masaya kami as a family. Now we're back to our plans of doing trips abroad and spend more time together with family and friends," he said in a separate ABS-CBN News report.




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