25 July 2012

Epson’s Next-Gen Ultra Short Throw Projectors Feature Advanced Interactivity, Performance

Like their revolutionary predecessors, the new Epson EB-485Wi / 475Wi are intelligent, interactive ultra short throw projectors that allow teachers and business presenters to conveniently turn any standard whiteboard or smooth surface into an interactive learning and presentation area.
To achieve this, they feature a digital infrared pen that allows users to write with “virtual ink” on the projected area, manipulate interactive onscreen objects and features, or use them as a computer mouse. This innovative tool delivers a cost-effective solution for presenters to easily use its interactive capabilities and eliminates the need to purchase and install cumbersome dedicated interactive whiteboards.
The Epson EB-485Wi / 475Wi projectors improve on their predecessors with the following improvements and features:

• Now, two pens are able to be used simultaneously with the interactive models
• They are 30% smaller in size
• Increased lamp life of up to 3,000/ 4,000 hours in normal/ eco modes respectively
• Their internal speaker power has increased from 12W to 16W
• They now feature an additional horizontal keystone correction for more accurate screen adjustment
“This new generation of ultra short-throw interactive projectors build on the revolutionary technology of their predecessors to offer an even more interactive learning experience” comments Donna V. Ferro, Epson Philippines Corporation General Manager. “We are excited about the success of our interactive ultra short throw projectors as we feel like we are creating history by changing the way students learn in classrooms of the future with these projectors.”
Key Features of the Epson EB-485Wi/ 475Wi/ 485W/ 475W:
Ultra-Short Throw Distance – The Epson EB-485Wi/ 475Wi/ 485W/ 475W projectors can be mounted as close as three inches from the wall to accommodate smaller classrooms or meetings rooms. With the projector only 18.7cm away from the screen, they can achieve an 80-inch diagonal image projection; the new high performance optics virtually eliminates hardware and shadow interference.
Integrated Interactive Feature – Without the need for an interactive whiteboard, the Epson EB-485Wi/ 475Wi are able to turn any surface they project on – including tabletops - into an interactive presentation area where presenters can use the interactive pens they come with to write on the presentation area in virtual ink, manipulate onscreen elements and interactive features, and use them as mice for computer control.
Instant Annotation Tool – The interactive function of the projectors does not require any driver installation (3) or PC connection. The instant annotation tool enables users to activate the interactive functions without connecting to a PC or laptop. Users can annotate images projected from the document camera, flash drive and even videos from a DVD player without any PC source connected.




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