23 July 2012

Coby Kyros MID 9.7: Your Affordable-Everyday-Use Quality Tablet

Tablets continue to be one of the fastest growing devices. The genius design and the sleek touch screen capabilities has made it one of the most sought out devices in the world. With nearly every company is developing one, and other high-end brands overshadowing many products, it’s hard to spot simple, more accessible tablets that can offer some leisure in life.
For those who doesn’t want to spend too much on getting a tablet. Then the Coby Kyros MID 9742-8, or simply, the Coby Kyros 9.7, is a small, affordable tablet that can be used anywhere and anything. It isn’t as slim as other tablets, but this one is thin enough to slide into bags and purses with relative ease. It however, bears some weight but soon becomes unnoticeable for a time.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to simply have a tablet and use it anywhere they go – letting you read ebooks or watch movies in coffee shops, listen to music, and play with the apps. The touch screen has more than expected responsiveness, reacting easily to every touch.
The tablet is powered with an ARM Cortex A8, in truth, it is not very powerful. But it lets you watch movies smooth enough. And with its 1080p resolution, you can enjoy films, crisp and sharp. The HDMI output allows connectivity with any high definition TV, thus, widening your experience.
However, given that the processor isn’t exactly on top of the line as other processors, some movies will flow in a stop-motion sequence. Very watchable but strangely alluring to be honest, but if you’re bothered with that, get a smaller format video. Besides, most HD movies are around 7GB alone, barely leaving sufficient room for storage space. Unless you expand the memory up to 32GB, which is really fantastic.
Its rear 2-mega pixel camera actually works better than expected. It may take some dim photos but that can easily be fixed by some quick exposure adjustments. Some images taken, especially in darker locations, may appear somewhat grainy, and it is the same for taking videos. However, in capable minds, it can actually be used to make simple video projects with a touch of classic texture from the films of old.
The Coby Kyros MID 9742-8 has a readymade eReader app called Aldiko, which allows you to share and read epub and PDF format files. You can simply tap either the leftmost or rightmost sides of the screen to flip pages. You can save the page where you were reading by hitting the home button, and by going back to the app you begin right where you left off.
In terms of battery life the tablet will get you by for the day. It will drain after a couple of days even on standby, and would almost go out after watching a few videos. On a full charge watching videos will obviously last longer, even under heavy use, the battery should keep you entertained with good hours.
To top it all off, there is no question the good quality the Coby Kyros MID 9742-8 provides. It isn’t as spectacular as certain brands but this is enough for those who simply want to enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a tablet device.




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