25 June 2012

TOSHIBA Brings New Generation TVs And PCs To The Philippines

Toshiba Philippines Inc. demonstrated the power of its tagline, “Leading Innovation”, with the launch of its new generation of products for the Philippines: leading-edge large-screen, glasses-free 3D TV; a new Power TV series; and a new generation of notebook PCs, including the Z Series Ultrabook. The company also introduced its new brand ambassador for the Philippines, Ms. Solenn Heussaff.

In its new line-up of state-of-the-art TVs, Toshiba unveiled the breakthrough 55-inch REGZA RZ1, the very first large-screen glasses-free 3D TV to be launched in the Philippines. Equipped with a Quad Full HD screen, the REGZA RZ1 provides viewers with a totally immersive 3D TV experience and can also deliver 2D content with four times (quad) Full HD resolution.
The secret of the 55RZ1’s glasses-free 3D performance is Toshiba’s high-performance multi-processor platform, the REGZA ENGINE CEVO DUO S. This latest Toshiba innovation in imaging technology also supports such video enhancements as image restoration, increased color gradation, and boosted contrast improvement. With this, the 55RZ1 creates the highest quality video display ever seen.
A new era for 3D TV
With the 55RZ1, Toshiba has drawn on its industry-leading capabilities in imaging algorithms and processor technologies to calculate multiple viewpoints for stereoscopic images and to display them at very high picture quality on a large screen. The array of lenticular lens integrated into the 55RZ1 is the first ever in such a large-screen TV.
3D technology is based on the stereoscopic principle of simultaneously delivering slightly offset (parallax) images to the left  and right eyes. The brain then superimposes the images, creating the 3D effect. To achieve this without any need for dedicated glasses, the lens must accurately guide the dedicated images to the viewer’s eyes.
The 55RZ1’s Integral Imaging technology, powered by the REGZA ENGINE CEVO DUO S, delivers nine views that create multiple wide-angle viewing zones in front of the glasses-free 3D TV. This not only creates a stunning, glasses-free 3D image, it allows a large group of viewers, each facing the screen from a different angle, to share the 3D experience.
To optimise viewing zones in respect and align them with the viewers’ actual positions in front of the TV, the 55RZ1 features a face-tracking application.
Delivering nine views simultaneously in high definition picture quality is technically challenging. Toshiba engineered the solution with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel panel, the equivalent to a Quad Full HD resolution. An additional bonus of the 55RZ1’s high resolution screen is the ability to display 2D content in Quad Full HD resolution. In other words, photos captured with an 8-megapixel camera can be displayed on screen with almost no compromise in image quality.
By using complex algorithms, Toshiba’s Resolution+ technology converts content, such as TV programs in SD or HD resolution – as well as DVD or Blu-rayTM content in four times Full HD resolution – to make full use of the high definition of the Quad Full HD display.  
  At the push of the remote, it detects the viewers’ position and sets up the total viewing experience.
Toshiba also introduced the latest advances in its innovative Power TV series, a line-up of LED TVs that make full use of Toshiba’s new REGZA Engine to provide outstanding picture and sound quality. In particular, the 23-, 32-, and 40-inch models in the new PB200 series deliver maximum performance with minimum power consumption while featuring slim, attractive designs.
Toshiba also revealed its new generation Z series Ultrabook, the Portégé Z930. Weighing only 1.12kg1, the Portégé Z930 is not only the world’s lightest1 13.3-inch Ultrabook ever; it also combines the ease-of-use and performance of a laptop with the wake-up responsiveness of a tablet. Only 15.9mm high, this new Ultrabook features a slim design with a durable magnesium alloy chassis; a battery life of up to 8 hours; and all the power and fast, easy connectivity of a comprehensive selection of full-sized ports.
Other notebook PCs unveiled by Toshiba included the new Satellite L, Satellite C, Satellite M and Satellite P series. Powered by the latest generation of processors and with state-of-the-art, high-speed data interfaces, all laptops in the Satellite series excel in fulfilling the most demanding business needs. The new series offer both 14.0- and 15.6-inch displays.
Explaining the thinking behind the new products, Tomoyasu Yamamoto, CEO & President of Toshiba (Philippines), Inc. said: “We at Toshiba are constantly innovating and exploring new technologies that allow us to provide consumers with stylish and functional products. In addition, by enhancing awareness of our brand, we hope more consumers will make Toshiba their choice.”
Adding more sizzle to the launch was the announcement of Toshiba’s new brand ambassador for the Philippines, popular actress and model Ms. Solenn Heussaff. As the official brand ambassador for Toshiba in the Philippines, she will be featured in Toshiba advertisements for notebook PCs, TVs, and home appliances in the major media.
Toshiba chose her as its new brand ambassador because her alluring combination of a fresh image and sophisticated character reflects qualities that Toshiba brings to its products – providing a close-to-the-heart appeal for the Philippine consumers.
Her undeniable style and real talent is the perfect match for Toshiba’s innovative and technologically advanced products.




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