16 June 2012

Pacman To Make Hollywood Debut Via Rob Schneider-Benecio del Toro Starrer

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is adding yet another tick in his long-list of accomplishments by making a Hollywood film.
According to the “Unang Hirit” report on Monday, cameras will start rolling for “Brass Knuckles”  next month in Los Angeles. Damian Perkins, the film’s producer, said in an ABS-CBN report last month that they aim to wrap up post-production either August or September this year so they could release it in 2013.
Aside from the pound-for-pound boxer, the film will star Fil-Am comedic actor Rob Schneider, Academy Award winning actor Benecio del Toro and Mexican-born actor Jacob Vargas.

The Sarangani representative is no stranger to making movies. He has already appeared in several local films such as “Lisensyadong Kamao,”  “Anak ng Kumander” and “Wapakman."
“Manny is also an actor, he enjoys acting. I've had the fortune and opportunity to sit down with him one-on-one at his home and talk to him about his script and talk to him about his,” said Perkins in the ABS-CBN report.
"Brass Knuckles" will be directed by two-time Emmy Award winner Erick Geisler, best known for his work on ESPN’s “Sports Science” show.
Of drugs, gangsters
Perkins said in the ABS-CBN article that Pacman will take on the role of a gangster member whose uncle will be portrayed by Schneider.
Apparently, the film’s plot will tackle the prevalent issue of using illegal drugs.
“The whole point of the movie is it really exploits and shows how and what a bad choice it is to be involved with drugs and just this whole world,” he said.
Perkins assured that Pacman's fans from all over the world will not feel short-changed as the Filipino boxer wouldn't only get good exposure, but good lines as well.
“Manny's got a good role, we're actually going to bulk up the role a little bit for him as well. More lines for him,” Perkins revealed.
Meanwhile, after a recent meeting with Pacquiao regarding the movie’s details, Perkins has nothing but good words for the boxing superstar, as reported by GMA News on Wednesday.
“He’s one of the most generously sweet people that you will ever meet. It was great and he was like, ‘I like that idea’ and talks to people and see if we can work something out and here we are," he said.




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