28 June 2012

OtterBox Unveils Exciting New Cases

OtterBox is all geared up for the Samsung Galaxy Note with the new Commuter and Defender cases. Both lines are available for this industry-defining phone/tablet hybrid, making active users confident about keeping their new favorite device on hand anywhere.
The Defender series maintains its signature of superior protection as it comes in three layers to keep the thin and light body of the Galaxy Note secure in any environment. The built-in screen protector keeps the Note safe from scratches. The outer layer, made of durable silicone, absorbs bumps and shocks, while the inner polycarbonate shell provides solid impact protection. Openings on the case include slots for the loudspeaker, the micro USB port, and easy access to the stylus. The ribbed texture along the sides for enhanced grip completes the deal for the tough Defender case.
The Commuter remains stylish as ever for the Note, but not without compromising the protection it offers. Like the Defender series, the Commuter comes in three essential layers with a slimmer, more compact fit. Its smooth finish allows it to slide in and out of pockets, making it accessible to the urbanite on-the-go.

OtterBox has made cases even more fun for Apple users with the introduction of color combinations of the Defender series for the iPad and iPad 2, as well as the Reflex Clear series for the iPhone 4 and 4S.
The OtterBox iPad case, which provides shock and impact absorption and scratch resistance, now comes in five vivid colors for its polycarbonate and silicone combinations: the Hornet in bright yellow and black, the Deep Sea in solid blue and black, the Alpenglow in cheerful pink and black, the Crevasse in classy white and black, and the Sea Green in vibrant teal and black. With the case’s new colors, any iPad now looks as fun as its apps and functions.
iPhone users can also look forward to a more funky and clearer protection with the Reflex Clear series. Ever the versatile line, the lightweight and innovative Reflex case now comes in three translucent colors—glacier blue, pink, and clear—showing off Apple’s sleek style to shine through. Still, the Reflex offers flexible and easy protection with its shockproof single-layer case, complete with a self-adhering screen protector to guard against scratches and scuffs.
With its consistent and reliable product lines, OtterBox continues to offer solutions for the hottest gadgets on the market today. By providing long-lasting protection, units get spared from frequent repairs and replacements.




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