11 June 2012

KC Concepcion, Carmen Soo Figure In Int’l Sexiest Actress List

Coming right on the heels of the alleged discrimination to 100% Pinays by a local clothing company, actress KC Concepcion, who coincidentally is an endorser of the said brand, proved that pure-bred Pinays are still as beautiful as the half-breds by landing on the list of "25 Sexiest International Actresses You Haven't Heard Of.”
Compiled by New York-based magazine Complex on their website on June 6, Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s eldest daughter happens to be the only Filipina on the list. She was on the 23rd spot of the list along with other celebs from various countries such as India, Australia, Canada, England and Germany.

Under her photo was a brief bio of KC where her celebrity parents Sharon and Gabby Concepcion were mentioned.
The accomplished TV host-actress' achievements were also enumerated among them being a United Nations’ National Ambassador Against Hunger together with bits and pieces of her past and present showbiz projects.
But perhaps the most interesting detail in the profile was her being called a show business “royalty” who is not “riding on her mother’s coattails.”
Clearly, several visitors of the website agree that KC deserves to be on the list.
Commenter Perla opined that “KC Concepcion is a remarkable woman, a beautiful person inside and out, she is such a warm and loving person.”
Junky, on the other hand, lauded how KC was the only Filipino on the list and wrote, “Congratulations KC you deserve it, even though a lot of people wanted to put you down,they didn't succeed because you can never put a good woman down...you really are very beautiful and talented woman.. and now internationally they recognize you as one of the sexiest woman!!!!! keep it up!!”
Visitor Anne praised the “commonalities” among the stunning women on the list and how it appears that the list's creator didn't base their judgements solely on looks.
“I just noticed also, some of them are University graduates, Ambassador, etc... they got good Resume so to speak. Being SEXY is not all about the looks, it's about EVERYTHING & more... (intelligent people got sexy brains, & they got loads of BRILLIANT IDEAS, just like KC!),” she said.
Commenter Wonder questioned why TV host-recording star Anne Curtis wasn’t on the list when she has a string of achievements and a gorgeous face to cap it all off.
“After reading the top 25, how come Anne Curtis from the Philippines is not included? I believe Ms. Curtis also deserve such inclusion knowingly she's now filming ‘Blood Ransom’ in Hollywood and she's the Princess of All Media,” he queried.
Aside from KC, Malaysian actress Carmen Soo is also on the list at number five. The one on the top spot is Mexican actress Adriana Fonseca who also ranks high on People Spain’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list.




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