12 June 2012

Epson Launches Two New Projectors

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions and the global top projector maker for the past 11 years, has launched two new series of highest performance, ultra-bright projectors that are ideal for large venue projection or presentations in bright ambient surroundings. These are:
1) EB-Z8000 series (EB-Z8450WU / Z8450WUNL / Z8350W / Z8350WNL / Z8150 / Z8150NL)

2) EB-Z10000 series (EB-Z10000 / Z10000NL)
These top-of-the-line projectors feature high brightness of up to 10,000 lumens (2), impeccable resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (3) and high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 that give users unparalleled projection image quality at any bright surroundings or large venues.
Additionally, the projectors are outfitted with many advanced Epson home theatre projection technologies that make them excellent for video playback as well.
These are: Epson Cinema Filter, a Faroudja DCDi video processing chip, Super-resolution technology, Frame Interpolation – all of which further enhance the quality of video projections.
“This new line of ultra-bright models helps us provide even more options for customers with large or bright venue projection needs in addition to delivering the extreme image quality and product reliability Epson is renowned for,” explains Donna V. Ferro, General Manager of Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC).
Key Technologies of the Epson EB-Z8000 and EB-Z10000 series
Superior Image Reproduction with 3LCD Technology – Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology offers full-time color projection with three separate LCD panels (Red, Green and Blue) thus ensuring smooth projection of image without color breakup (commonly known as rainbow effect), distorted image patterns and visual fatigue, making it ideal for usage in corporation, classroom and even home theatre environments. The three chip engine also delivers incredibly bright images and accurate colors that give a touch of realism in every image depicted. The success and road tested reliability of the 3LCD technology has been marked by the milestone of 70 million 3LCD chips (4) shipped to date.
Epson Original Cooling System – The Epson EB-Z8000 / Z10000 series remains the world’s only projectors to be equipped with the proprietary ‘Epson Original Cooling System’, which uses a Peltier-effect heat exchange semiconductor circuit to cool the LCD panels in order to preserve brightness and picture quality. The cooling system uses what is known as a ‘Peltier thermoelectric effect’ that cools objects by applying an electrical charge to them.
The intricate cooling system allows the system to withstand high temperatures generated by the projectors’ dual lamp system, preventing the projector from overheating, thereby increasing their reliability and prolonging their lifespan.
High Brightness and Contrast Ratio – The Epson EB-Z8000 / Z10000 series feature a brightness rating from 7,000 to 10,000 lumens (lm). Both series offer high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 with Auto Iris Technology. This high brightness and contrast enables the projectors to project onto large screen sizes from 60 inches to 500 inches, making them ideal for use in large auditorium, museums or churches where ambient lighting cannot be adjusted.
Key Image Enhancing Features
Faroudja DCDi Cinema chip – The projectors feature the DCDi (directional correlation de-interlacing) cinema chip from renowned video processing experts Faroudja Labs. The specialized processor enhances color management while reducing 3D noise, resulting in sharp, crisp, detailed images; in addition, the Response Time Correction (RTC) technology is included to produce seamless motion in videos.
Epson Cinema Filter – The Epson Cinema Filter extracts very pure hues of the three primary color gamuts of red, green and blue; enabling highly accurate color reproduction and quality while maintaining high contrast ratios that are difficult to achieve with electronic color-correction. This creates vivid and true-to-life reproductions of original colors and content, allowing users to enjoy sharp and crystal-clear presentations.
Super-resolution Technology – Super resolution technology automatically detects blurred sections of an image and uses a mixed color separation process to achieve sharper and refined image quality in Full High Definition projection.
Frame Interpolation - Frame interpolation technology inserts new frames between original frames. As a result, blurring effects are suppressed and motion pictures look much smoother and sharper.
DICOM Mode – The DICOM Simulation mode for compliance with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a color adjustment mode which enhances output on grayscale with greater precision, making it ideal for displaying film-like X-rays and other medical images (5) to large audiences in lecture halls.
Projection Correction modes – The new projectors come with a set of adjustment modes to help users ensure the best quality panoramic display from when they do multi-screen projection.
- Point correction: Corrects misalignment by adjusting pixel by pixel to fine tune multi-screen projection.




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