12 June 2012

Canon Cameras Clear Military Standards

The summer season is now on its tail-end but for local water sport enthusiasts, the fun never ends, what with a host of truly refreshing activities offered by an increasing number of water parks, including the internationally-popular Camarines Watersports Complex (CWC). Of course, the best way to enjoy these activities is to capture them with the latest technology – the 12.1-megapixel PowerShot D20, successor to the popular Canon PowerShot D10.
With its impressive waterproofing feature, the PowerShot D20 is just what sports-loving people need to capture that perfect shot. Whether you’re maneuvering wild rapids while white-water rafting, snorkeling in pursuit of gorgeous marine life, or simply enjoying the occasional rainy season downpour, you’ll soon find yourself in need of a waterproof, shockproof camera to accompany you and your adventures.  Remarkably, the PowerShot D20 can reach a depth of up to 33 feet, thanks to its durable and water-proof battery cover and microphone.

The enhanced PowerShot D20 model has optimized features for underwater photography, particularly its double-glass lens window construction that makes it fog-proof. Users are also given an option to choose from three focusing zones. For example, with Quick focus, the camera limits its focus shifting to the immediate subject, allowing users to shoot photos extremely quickly and never miss any opportunities for amazing shots.
The PowerShot D20 also has an improved auto-white balance making it compatible with commercially available underwater flashes. With the new improvements, photos are now even more vibrant and retain their natural colors. In addition, the camera now comes with a new mode for underwater digital macro shots.
What’s more, the PowerShot D20 is now even sturdier than ever, more shock-resistant and can actually absorb a maximum 5 feet drop. The camera underwent rigorous testing based on US military standards making it perfect for outdoor activities like rock climbing.  Also dust-resistant with a freezing point of -10 degrees Celsius, the camera can also be safely used for mountain climbing.
Built with a Global Positioning System (GPS) capability, the PowerShot D20 allows users not only to capture their adventures, but likewise keep track of where exactly the photos were taken. With this feature, users can recreate the path they have taken using their photos, as well as review the scenic spots they visited along the way. As with the PowerShot SX260 HS, the PowerShot D20’s GPS is an improved version that is faster and consumes less power.
The PowerShot D20 is definitely not just an adventure camera, as it works just as well during normal scenarios. With features like 32-scene Smart Auto, a Smart Shutter that can be triggered with winks or smiles, and creative filters that can mimic a fish-eye lens or apply the popular miniature effect, making PowerShot D20 ideal for capturing urban scenes.




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