09 May 2012

Vic, Pauleen No Longer Hiding Their Relationship, Vacation In Macau

 In spite of being evasive about the real score between them, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are now said to be more “open” with their controversial relationship.
Although the tabloid that carried this report did not cite proof or any other details, other tabloid reports noted that the two, together with several of their fellow “Dabarkads” on “Eat Bulaga,” flew to Macau earlier this week to celebrate Vic’s birthday.
The ace host-comedian turned 58 last April 28, the same day that Pauleen, 23, reportedly posted an intriguing “Happy birthday to you, love!” on her Facebook account.
When she was asked of her birthday wish for Vic, Pauleen reportedly said “good health,” “happiness,” and “peace of mind.” Reports said she also doesn’t have a gift for her rumored beau.

It was late last year when rumors about Vic and Pauleen’s romance hit the headlines. The two, however, kept silent on the matter. And even when the latter was cornered by the press in a huddle last month, Pauleen only intimated that her heart is in a “happy place.”
She likewise maintained that “even before all the tsismis and when I was starting in [‘Eat] Bulaga!,’ we had a good relationship and it’s good.”
Their rumored relationship was met with alleged disapproval from Vic’s children, including actor Oyo Sotto. To this, Pauleen simply said, “I respect everybody’s opinion.”
“For me, as long as I know that I’m not doing anything wrong, as long as I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes and as long as I know that I am not hurting anybody intentionally, I’m good,” she added.




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