29 May 2012

Impeachment Betting Invades Social Sites

It’s time for Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez to move over, at least for now.
After the American Idol Season 11 finale last week, Filipinos were again hooked on social networking Web sites and online forums Tuesday, this time busy placing their bets on the verdict of the Senate Impeachment Court on Chief Justice Renato Corona.
“Guilty” or “Not Guilty,” “Conviction” or “Acquittal” dominated social media, that even the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs that is down to four teams, nor the upcoming match of boxing icon and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao hardly seemed to be of interest to the basketball and boxing-crazy archipelago.

Filipinos suddenly became “political experts” as they placed their bets that ranged from a lunch or dinner treat to between P50 to P100.
Some chose to bet on how the senator judges would vote.
“20-3” in favor of conviction, “19-4,” said another.
In another online betting, a P500 bet for acquittal would win P30,000 if Corona gets convicted; while a P500 bet for conviction would win only P100 if the Chief Justice gets acquitted.
Some made fun of the voting process, inspired, of course, by American Idol.
“Dial 1-800-CONVICT (2668428) or 1-800-ACQUIT (227848), or text Coronavela CONVICT or ACQUIT to 2366,” said a joke that circulated on Facebook.
Bayan Muna Party-list Representative Teddy Casiño in his Twitter account @teddycasino tweeted a joke on the prosecution panel: “kung convict may painom, kung acquit mag-inuman na lang.”
Now, ever wonder why surveys say Filipinos are one of the happiest people on Earth?




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