31 May 2012

Eye-Catching, Feature-Packed Nokia 303 Gets Your Full Attention

When choosing a phone, what are the three features that you are most likely to look for? Probably one of those three would be style. Whipping out a sorry excuse for a phone during meetings or in public areas would definitely lower one’s self confidence. But aside from having a good-looking phone, ease of use and functionality also comes into play. With Nokia’s Asha 303, you’ll definitely want to use your phone in the open, without fear of your phone lagging or crashing.
Upon inspection, the Nokia 303 looks like a standard candy bar phone. The build, the size, and the weight are all akin to a sexy brick. But once you take a glance at its keys and curves, then you’ll definitely say wow. Although it has a QWERTY keyboard as its input, the 303 supports a slim yet stylish figure. It has its keys compacted and does away with unnecessary buttons. Despite having such a setup, the keys are still easy to type on.

One of the phone’s notable strengths is its ease of use. It’s both a good entertaining toy and a decent phone molded into one and navigating through it is sure fun. It’s a Nokia phone through and through, making Nokia users feel more at home with its inner workings. Almost everything inside can be tweaked and customized depending on the user’s taste and preferences.
Aside from being a comfortable phone to use, the phone is more edged on the entertainment side. Music can instantly be accessed and played through its dedicated key. Videos are good to watch with using the Nokia 303. With its long screen, the phone can be oriented horizontally, giving a wider and better view of any video. Just attach the included earphones and you have yourself a mobile entertainment system.
With the numerous applications for Nokia 303, the device also boasts a hefty amount of battery life. The phone can last up to days even with the constant energy drain of texting and occasional calls. The phone also features a decent 3.2 Megapixel camera good for taking quick shots and videos. For memory, the Nokia 303 has a built-in 100MB of storage for pictures and messages. It can further be extended to up to 32GB with the use of a Micro-SD card.
The Nokia Asha 303 is one heck of a phone. It combines style, accessibility, and entertainment, into one sweet piece of technology. The slim design and the easy accessibility is a must for those looking for functionality and comfort. Once you brandish it out in the open, you’ll definitely have some eyes on you. (Jose Gamaliel Felongco)




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