12 April 2012

Shamcey Supsup Receives 'Promise Ring' From BF

Miss Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup pretty much has what every woman dreams of—fame, beauty, brains and a dashing boyfriend who worships her.
So it’s quite fair to say that it didn't really come as a shocker when Shamcey revealed in a live interview with “The Buzz” on April 8 that her BF, Lloyd Lee, had given her a promise ring recently.
Shamcey related that while they’ve already touched on the issue of marriage in their previous conversations, she was utterly taken aback when Lloyd handed her the ring.
“As in biglaan lang. Supposedly he would [give] me that [ring] after a date, after three days, four days, so parang ‘di siya makapaghintay, so parang out of nowhere lang sabi niya, ‘This is for you,’” she recalled with a big smile on her face.

She shared that his gesture was unexpected because “akala ko ‘di pa siya nakakabili, ‘yun pala matagal na pala siyang nakabili."
Lloyd is the 25-year-old beauty queen’s first boyfriend, with whom she exchanges cheesy messages on Twitter all the time.
Shamcey describes Lloyd’s coming into her life as an “answered prayer” that has come at “the right [time]."
“I really prayed for him,” she declared.
Saying that her life is basically “planned out,” Shamcey shared that she was very “specific” about the kind of guy that she’s praying to be with in life.
“I thought sa dreams ko lang, sa fantasy ko lang, parang I never thought na mangyayari,” Shamcey shared dreamily.
The beauty titlist—still protective of her privacy—refused to reveal the date of their wedding.
“When we’re both ready. It will come,” was her terse answer to the question.
She admitted that even though she's been part of the showbiz industry for a year now, the disadvantage of becoming a public figure is something that she can’t easily get used to—particularly when it comes to people prying about her personal life.
“Actually it’s more on my part [to keep my life private], parang when it comes to private life ko I’m a bit selfish,” she shared, explaining that she intends to keep certain aspects of her life, particularly her love life, out of the public’s eye.
 “I feel it’s something I can keep for myself. ‘Yun na lang ang natitira na masasabi kong akin na lang, ‘yung ganon,” Shamcey explained.
 “I have a lot of friends, I’m really friendly, but then nung andaming nakakakilala [sa akin], andaming nakakaalam [tungkol sa amin], I felt I had to protect him (Lloyd).”




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