25 April 2012

Samsung: Future Of Smart TV

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has proclaimed a new era of entertainment by placing TV at the center of the home ecosystem and breaking down boundaries between connected devices.
Ariel Arias, SEPCO AV Business Unit Head, unveiled the future of Smart TV on Samsung’s AV Roadshow press conference stage, explaining the TV’s role in bringing family members together in front of a large, central screen after spending the day apart on individual devices.

Samsung’s vision is flanked by three driving philosophies for a Smarter Life: Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution—all of which arm consumers with future of Smart TV technology, today.
“The TV is the heart of our homes, and is the central device that connects our family at the end of a long day. For Samsung, this means providing the future of Smart TV now—through new TVs that recognize and respond to you, connect your family in and out of the home, and offer amazing new content options personalized to your lifestyle and needs,” said Arias. “Further, to extend the new TV experience and equip families with future technologies, Samsung has created the ability to scale up your TV each year—ensuring the best new TV experience for years to come.”
Smart Interaction
As content grows to become smarter, robust and more accessible, Samsung’s vision for the way in which consumers interact with their TVs is also enhanced. Debuted today at the Samsung AV Roadshow, Smart Interaction enables Smart TV owners to communicate with their TVs via Motion Control, Voice Control, and Face Recognition—providing an alternative to using a remote control when it is not desired or convenient. Thanks to a built-in HD camera and dual-microphones on Samsung’s flagship line of 2012 Smart TVs, consumers may simply say “Hi TV” to turn on Voice Control, speak “Web Browser” to get online, and browse and select search results or increase the volume by simple hand motion. In the LED ES8000 series, these broad range of Smart Interaction capabilities are complemented by a stunning post-minimalist design featuring an ultra-slim bezel.

Smart Content
Expansion of more robust and personalized content offerings to better meet consumers’ needs is a principal goal of Samsung Smart TV. On the press conference stage, Samsung spoke to its content success—with more than 1,500 Smart TV apps now available including Angry Birds, Discovery Channel, and the number of third-party developers that has grown from 550 to 25,000 in just two years. Samsung’s new powerful dual-core processor allows consumers to access even more of Samsung’s abundant content choices at once, through the ability to use and download multiple apps while browsing the Web or watching live TV—providing a true multitasking experience.
In 2012, Samsung is further meeting the needs of consumers by providing greater access to content from anywhere in the world. New this year, Samsung has revamped its AllShare service into “AllShare Play”—enabling content to move from device to device—and from device to cloud—regardless of location. AllShare Play enables consumers to push content manually to the cloud or pull the content directly from their Smart TV or other mobile devices. AllShare Play will also be equipped with a limited amount of free, online storage.
Samsung is taking the connected ecosystem one step further with three new Signature Services for Smart TV: Family Story, Fitness and Kids—enabling families to share photos and messages with each other, easily sync their fitness goals and activities, and help kids partake in educational viewing while recording progress every step of the way.
Smart Evolution
2012 Samsung Smart TV will be “future proof” for years to come. With its proprietary system-on-chip technology, Samsung is the only company that can deliver an evolving TV, which allows you to easily enjoy the benefits of the latest TV technology year after year, without purchasing a brand new set. With a simple slot-in to the back of TV, Samsung’s Evolution Kit will bring the latest and greatest TV technology to life. (Carl Rogel Inocentes)



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