30 April 2012

Daniel Matsunaga breaks silence on his break-up with Heart Evangelista

Brapanese model Daniel Matsunaga turned emotional as he answered probing questions about his failed relationship with Kapuso star Heart Evangelista.
Last week, in an attempt to explain the cause of their separation, Daniel had said, “We only had a hard time communicating because when I went… left for a month [for] Brazil, we had a hard time communicating through phone, Skype. The connection there is too long, the distance is too big. We spoke. We agreed that that was the best for the relationship. A lot of people were expecting a lot from the two of us.”
Heart Evangelista, seemingly admitting to the split herself, explained, “This is growth for everybody and I wish everybody happiness naman siguro. This is probably the best for everyone. Yes, we will all be fine for sure. I’ve been down this road many times.”

Daniel, who’s now back in the country, has gone home to Brazil “for one month just for holidays lang, just to relax.”
There, he took the opportunity to recharge himself in the midst of “a lot of problems in my life that I have to spend time with my family, also with Jesus.” This was, of course, succeeded by the news that he and Heart had broken up.
A factor in the break-up
Once back here and ready to talk, Daniel was naturally queried about the split and what caused it.
“Maybe, maybe the distance is one big factor in our lives,” he told TV host Raymond Gutierrez on “Showbiz Central,” April 29.
Apparently, the couple did not foresee the little problems that would eventually cause the relationship to buckle from under them.
“We were not expecting that and there was a lot of things around us, you know, a lot of problems. And because of such small things…everybody fights. (In) every relationship, people fight. We had this small problem but nothing big, no reason at all to be huge, to break-up. And a lot of stress. It happens,” he remarked.
Daniel then took the opportunity to address the various rumors that had cropped up following this unfortunate stage in their lives.
Hiding away
One of the rumors that came out was that Daniel had barely been eating and had locked himself up in a room after their break-up.
“In the beginning, of course, I was really sad,” Daniel said, not really confirming or denying. But during this time, he said he turned to his family.
“Luckily I had all of them supporting me, especially my father and my mom—they were there. My sister was here in the Philippines. They also knew it already. The first day that it happened my mom already went to the room and she was asking me why I was sad, what was happening. Everybody, my family, in the end, became sad also because everybody loves Heart.”
All the nagging…
A tabloid report said that one of the reasons why he broke up with Heart was because she was always nagging him, something Daniel denied.
“No, for sure not because Heart…,” he trailed off.
“I don’t know the reason why [that came out]. For sure she doesn’t know also. It just happened. It’s really our personal thing. We haven’t come up with anything yet. I don’t know where they get it from but that’s not true. I can assure you that that’s not true. We love each other. I’m sure Heart she still have some feelings for me.”
The bad temper
While acknowledging that, “I’m not the happiest person all the time,” Daniel described himself as “a very, very friendly guy.”
Daniel had also pointed out that he’s not exhibited bad temper during his relationship with the actress.
“I don’t know where they get it that I have temper. Maybe I have once in, like, a month or something when I got stressed,” he said.  
“We’ve a problem, of course, but I never throw that [burden on] anybody. I keep my problems with myself. I don’t like to share even with my family. My mom’s always keep worrying about me because, even to them, I don’t throw anything on them. I don’t even share my problems [with] them.”
Heart’s parents
He also clarified rumors that Heart’s parents were against him, which supposedly became the reason for the break-up.
“That’s not because of Heart’s parents,” he stressed. “I have nothing against them. As I said, since the beginning I was always with them. I respect them a lot, you know. Tito Ray, Tita Baby, you guys know that I have the hugest respect for you guys and I love your daughter.”
After that, Daniel sobbed and cried, and later had to put on his shades to hide his tears. With his voice cracking, he noted that despite the break-up he felt he’s still respected by Heart’s parents.    
“I’m sure they had respect [for] me. I was trying to be the best for them, to show that I could be the best for their daughter. I was proving to them my… Actually, you know, all the things I could, I did. I did [my] best,” he said.
Stress in the relationship
When asked what kind of stress strained his relationship with Heart, Daniel took several seconds to grasp for words.
“Maybe showbiz… problems with people around… influence. That’s [the] big example siguro,” he said.
Sister’s reaction
Vanessa, Daniel’s sister, had become close to Heart during their relationship. Not surprisingly, her brother’s split from the Kapuso actress affected her as well.
“She got really sad. She even cried also,” Daniel shared.
Everybody from his family to his friends and fans were “kind of upset,” Daniel revealed.
“They were asking us what’s happening and what’s the reason why we broke up. Even in Twitter a lot of people judge the two of us even if you try to save yourself more by going with your friends and try to enjoy your own time. A lot of people judge that but they shouldn’t do that because you know both of us we respect each other a lot.”
First meeting after split
Daniel first saw Heart again after his return from Brazil during the “Party Pilipinas” episode on that day.
“Since I came back, I think the first time we saw each other was kanina sa ‘Party P,’” he said.
The meeting was “different, very different,” Daniel described.
“I couldn’t even say anything. We were just looking [at] each other. We hugged, we said ‘Hi!’ and that was it.”
What now?
Although separated from Heart, Daniel claimed, “we are good friends.”
He added, “I have the hugest respect ever for Heart. She’s so special for me and everybody knows about that. We’re still friends. I’m sure in the future things will get better. We never know what’s gonna happen, but for now, my friendship with Heart is gonna be the same.”
To prove he’s friends with his ex-girlfriend, Daniel also declared he’s willing to work with Heart in any project.
“Oo naman,” he enthused. “No problem, you know. I love to learn more with her, why not?”
In a shaky voice, Daniel also managed to give a message to his ex:  “I hope you find the best one for your life – that this person could be better than I do and just don’t take too much of influence of bad friends. Try to learn the best with God. Be better.”
That said, Daniel noted that he would focus on his career once again, saying he would “go back to my stuff, what I was doing.”
Elaborating, he also said, “My workshop, my Tagalog [lessons], my dance. Now I’m gonna focus. We’re really doing this workshop on singing and dancing, all these things so I can improve, so I can become a better person.”
Love and lessons
Daniel’s answer came quick when asked if he’s ready to get into a new relationship.
“Not yet,” he quipped. “I’m still on the way [to recovery]. I’m gonna try focus on myself right now. I’m gonna really take my time, focus on me, God, my family, my friends. Life goes on.”
To his supporters who commiserated with him when he was feeling low, he expressed, “I appreciate all of you guys that did a lot to me. A lot of people texting, supporting me, messaging me all the time. I appreciate that.”
Focusing on the positive side of this failed relationship, Daniel enumerated the lessons he would take away from it.
“For sure I learned a lot. I learned different experiences. I learned a lot with Heart. I learned a lot from showbiz. I learned a lot in my life in the Philippines, with the people around me. God, you know, He brought me [to] the Philippines and that’s the reason why I’m staying here. I’m sure He has bigger plans for me. I’m just learning slowly.”



apple May 3, 2012 at 4:59 PM  

In a relationship, they must expect that they will probably experience that kind of situation. But I'm hoping that they will fix as soon as possible.

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