30 March 2012

Former actor now a pastor

Former Quezon City representative Dennis Roldan (real name Mitchell Gumabao), who first gained notice in the '80s as a basketball player and actor, is now a pastor.
Roldan made the big reveal in a recent interview, saying that he decided on his new vocation after spending two years in jail for his alleged participation in the kidnapping of a Chinese boy in 2005.
Roldan, who is currently out on bail, claims that his incarceration allowed him to re-examine his life as well as rediscover and read the Holy Book  on a daily basis.

He is now a pastor of Jesus Christ the Life Giver Ministry in Quezon City.
Although he continues to maintain his innocence, Roldan insists that he doesn’t lament his imprisonment, reasoning that it was the exact thing that allowed him to find his way back to his Creator.
Asked if he wants to rejoin show business, Roldan replied in the negative saying that he only wants to serve the Lord until the end of his days.
Roldan was a basketball player for Trinity College, prior to being drafted to play for a short time with the Philippine Basketball Association’s (PBA) Ginebra team.
His subsequent appearance in notable films including “Kambal sa Uma” in 1979, “Salome” in 1981 and “Paradise Inn” in 1985 further propelled him to stardom.
He ran and won as congressman for QC’s Third District from 1992 to 1995.
In 2005, Roldan ran afoul with the law with the Department of Justice (DOJ) filing kidnapping charges against him before the Pasig regional trial court for the abduction of a three-year-old boy.
Two of his supposed accomplices, all point to him as mastermind behind the kidnapping along with then girlfriend, Suzette Wang, a friend of the victim’s mother.
Ironically, the same year, Roldan portrayed a kidnapper in the box office bomb action caper, “Terrorist Hunter” starring veteran actor Eddie Garcia.




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