30 March 2012

Bela on BB's alleged sex-change procedure: 'She's old enough to take care of herself'

Bela Padilla would neither have voted for nor against her “Tita” BB Gandanghari’s decision to subject himself under the knife for a sex change.
Years after BB, formerly known as Rustom Padilla, came out as gay, the issue that he has undergone sex change procedure has hounded him incessantly. Having returned to the country after two years of living in New York City, BB remained tight-lipped on the matter citing that “whatever's between my legs is basically my own private thing.”
His niece seems to share his resoluteness to keep such a thing under wraps.

“Kasi siguro whatever she wants to do then it’s up to her pero it’s not for me to ask,” Bela said via a taped interview with “Unang Hirit” aired on Thursday.
The young actress herself seemed to be in the dark on whether or not a procedure actually took place.
“She’s older than me, I don’t think I’m in the place to ask her what she does to her body. Parang, she’s old enough to take care of herself,” Bela stated.
Padilla reunion
If Bela was a little defensive regarding the sensitive sex change issue, her moods turned as she excitedly related that she was finally able to catch up with BB after years of being apart.
The 20-year-old actress said that BB’s return from NYC last week—albeit temporary—was a cause for celebration and reunion for the huge Padilla clan.
“Nung nagkita kami, hindi ‘yung parang ang tagal naming hindi nagkita. Parang kahapon lang kami huling nagkita, very normal,” Bela related.
Bela said the reunion was “normal” in a sense that there was neither awkwardness nor reservations among members of their family when they exchanged stories about one another.
According to her though, “Nanabik kami sa kanya pero hindi ‘yung hindi mo alam kung ano ang sasabihin mo ganon. Kasi relative eh so kahit ano, kahit gaano kalayo at gaano katagal kayong hindi nagkita, family parin yan.”
“Nagenjoy lang kami, parang lahat kami nag-catchup,” she let on.
More than the reunion itself, Bela said the highlight of the entire event was BB’s sharing of her experiences in the Big Apple, and perhaps some new tidbits about his fabulous neighbor, Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway.
“Alam mo ‘yun parang lahat kami naghihintay ng chance namin na kwentuhan niya kami kasi grabe neighbor niya si Anne Hathaway so parang gusto kong kwento niya sa akin kung anong itsura ni Anne Hathaway ganon,” she enthused, while adding, “Parang lahat kami naexcited.”





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